International Museum Day 2019 is on Saturday, May 18, 2019: Which museum do you want to visit, or which one do you recommend, and why?


Saturday, May 18, 2019 is International Museum Day 2019.

Which museum do you want to visit, or which one do you recommend, and why?

Chicago has amazing Museums!

The Museum of Science and Industry has ageless exhibits and most are interactive.

Many even have little digital recorded tour guides to enhance the learning experience and explain the exhibit.

Fun and interesting for all ages!

I especially LOVE the dollhouse (Fairy Castle).

Also in Chicago is the Museum of Natural History. AKA the Field Museum. It houses the real Lions of Tsavo.

If you've ever seen the movie :The Ghost and the Darkness .. they are even more interesting!

And of course the Art Museum and the Shedd Aquarium are both within short walking distance of the Field Museum and both excellent as well!

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How do I plan a 17-day trip to the UK?

How do I plan a 17-day trip to the UK?

day one jet lag, taxi to travellodge in kingston upon thames. wander/ go easy/ international shake down in kingston upon thames historic market square.

day two hampton court, kew? richmond?

day three- day trip into london on commuter train, see westminster abbey, buck palace, horse guards, the parks, trafalgar, paliament, hyde park. if you have time try to see the underground war museum under the horse guards.

day 4 day trip into london: area around globe theatre. from waterloo, london eye, walk riverside to globe theatre area, dungeon (depressing), walk across millenium bridge, see monument, pudding lane.

day 5 day trip into london: tower of london, museum of london, st pauls,

day 6 day trip into london: charing cross, covent garden, piccadilly, oxford street (yawn), "wicked", leicester square

day 7 make your way by taxi to heathrow, rent a car. make sure you get an automatic. drive to stonehenge (yawn), salisbury, avesbury. hotel salisbury. recommend "premier travel inns" for remainder of trip.

day 8 bath/ glastonbury??? there is a motte castle ruin in camel that i thought was interesting.

day 9 startford upon avon (yawn), hathaways house, warwick castle

day 10 and 11 drive north and hang a right on the road that parallels hadrian's wall. recommend houseteads roman fort, vindolanda, segedunum roman museum in newcastle, bede's (spelling?) world, try to see lindisfarne.

day 12, 13, 14 edinburgh, stirling, glamis, chillington

day 15 return to london (8 hour drive) return car, stay at hotel at heathrow, prepare return. i always bring old clothes which go into the garbage at the end of the trip. i mail home my packages if i will have overweight luggage.

day 16 return.

day 17 jet lag recovery. exhaustion.

honestly i spent a month just seeing northumberland, yorkshire, lindisfarne, carlisle, and hadrians wall last year. and it was freezing in july. if it were my trip i would break this into two trips, southern england and then northern england/scotland. I enjoyed my summers in nothern england better, the locals were nicer to americans. the southerners are burned out on summer americans tourists so i would see south england in october or something.

you will have to work those castles in.

What is the holiday on May the 18th?

What is the holiday on May the 18th?

May 18th

* International Museum Day

* Mount St. Helens Erupted

In 1980.

* Visit Your Relatives Day

* Victoria Day (probably this one)

Celebrated in Canada on the Monday before May 24.

Also on this date Saturday, May 18, 2019...