HIV Vaccine Awareness Day 2019 is on Saturday, May 18, 2019: PollSurvey: 8 questions about HIV?


Saturday, May 18, 2019 is HIV Vaccine Awareness Day 2019. National HIV Vaccine Awareness Day - MAY 18, 2011 National HIV Vaccine Awareness

Poll/Survey: 8 questions about HIV?

1) Unprotected anal, vaginal, or oral sex, getting infected blood on an open wound, and using drugs.

2) Yes, I am HIV+ and people kiss me all the time.

3.) Yes I would, I've never had unprotected sex, the person who gave it to me put a hole in the condom (he admitted it), but you should get tested every 6 months regardless

4.) Life expectency of an HIV positive person who is not on treatment is anywhere from 10 to 20 years. However, when on treatment, the person can live a normal lifespan. Whenever a person gets a virus, the virus is permanently in their body. The body never eradicates it, it simply controls it. When someone gets the chicken pox, the virus remains in their body for life. The body somply controls it so there are no outbreaks. HIV rapidly mutates within, so the immune system cannot keep up. HIV medication controls the rate in which the HIV mutates so the body can keep up/ So HIV meds do the same to HIV as the body does with chicken pox. So there wouldnt be any reason to assume that an HIV positive person would not live a normal lifespan.

5.) Yes, I believe one will be found, but it will require time, as did all other diseases and illnesses which we now have cures for.

6.) I would get vaccinated if there was one available. Although I already have HIV, there are multiple strains of the virus, and you can catch more than one. Getting a vaccine, might not cure me, but it could prevent me from catching other strains of it.

7.)I think awareness has increased significantly, even in some cases, one might say too much (see below)

8.) I think that its great we have this new information about HIV. People should definitely learn about it to not only protect themselves, but also to eliminate the stigma that comes with being HIV positive. The stigma prevents people from being tested and taking appropriate action if they are positive, and also it deprives HIV positive people from living their lives with dignity.

However, the problem is that many people become too comfortable with the new research. For example, evidence shows that HIV is a very difficult virus to transmit. It can only be transmitted through blood, semen, breastmilk, and vaginal secretions. It must enter the body to infect. Getting blood on you will not infect you. Also, it dies very quickly once it hits the air, so chances are extremely low of catching it outside the bedroom. Even in the bedroom, its still difficult to transmit. And also, when an HIV positive person adheres to their treatment, they are more than 96% noninfectious.

And if someone gets HIV, then treatment is becoming very easy. HIV is more manageable than diabetes, and most other diseases out there.

But all this might make some people a victim of this success. Some people will take that information and translate it into "well I dont need to be careful because the chances of meeting someone who has it is low, and even if I did, its hard for them to give it to me, and even if I have it, I'll just take some pills every day and I'll be fine". Yes, you would, the difference is that it would be harder. So I think the info is good, but people still need to know that its better to not have it and should do their best not to put themselves in situations where they could catch it.

Sorry I ranted a bit, but I have a lot of information lol

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Will cable nteworks ever have a national HIV/AIDS awareness channel?

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