World Radio Day 2025 is on Thursday, February 13, 2025: Help with world radio ?

Thursday, February 13, 2025 is World Radio Day 2025.

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Help with world radio ?

How high up is your window? and How many other buildings suround it? Those would be the secondary questions -but the main thing is (always) the antenna. Try extenting your antenna up. For goodness sake don't kill yourself, but if you can get up and over the other balconies or wndows with a piece of wire attached to your main antenna do so.

You might lso try the many various antenna enhancers available over the internet.

Also keep in mind that there may be a more easily explained solution - there are fewer short wave opeators in the US these days and it' a very big country. The closest to you is the east coast which includes New YouK and other big cities - so you should be able to pick them up at the right time (keep time zones in mind). Also aim for Canada and the Maritimes which are closer on latitude to you.

Good luck, from what I see , you've got a good radio - be patient. Check short wave websites, see if you can find friend in the US who will try to DX with you at a predetermined time and frequency.

-a guy named duh

Mainstream radio these days.?

Mainstream radio these days.?

Yeah. At this point, I have so much music and comedy that I only listen to the talk/sports radio when it's on. That plus the invent of the thumbs down system on Pandora allows me to skip the garbage.

But never listen to terrestrial radio for music. It is garbage

How is the world supposed to end in 2012?

How is the world supposed to end in 2012?

Owing to technical difficulties created by an unexpected incursion of reality, the end of the world scheduled for December 2012 has been cancelled. We regret any inconvenience.

1. The Mayan count of days runs out of numbers, that's about the only fact.

2. The Mayans made no predictions about anything, except for seasons, solstices, full moons and eclipses, pretty much like we do, this sort of thing is fairly easy to do if you keep records and can do straight forward arithmetic.

3. The prediction that something big would happen in 2012 was invented maybe 20 years ago by a man called Jose Arguelles, he is a former LSD user, an astrologer and has claimed to be the re-incarnation of a Mayan priest among other peculiar things.

4. Since then a lot of other peculiar people and frauds have jumped on his bandwagon including the late Terence McKenna who "predicted" the future by taking drugs and by tossing coins.

5. Some say that the planets will line up. They won't and they can't. It would not mean anything if they did. They said exactly the same thing about the year 2000 which is another time the world was supposed to end. Back about 1958 a lot of the planets did almost line up and nobody noticed anything.

6. Some talk about galactic alignments of this or that. Most of these are not true, and the only one that is nearly right was closest in 1998. Nobody noticed anything. This does not worry the character behind it though. But I don't think he says the world is going to end either.

7. Planets X and Nibiru are invisible, have no size, have no mass and Nibiru can pass through the inner solar system repeatedly without affecting anything. In other words, they don't exist. X was invented by Nancy Lieder who claimed she was told about it by aliens who abducted her and now hears voices in her head.

Nibiru was cooked up by Zecharia Sitchin who invented it to sell books about aliens invading the Earth in ancient times and creating humans as slaves. He said it won't be back till after 2085.

8. There will be no pole shifts. Nancy Lieder claimed that planet X would cause a magnetic pole shift in 2003, but since it didn't happen she postponed planet X to 2012 to fit in with Arguelles ideas. Other people have invented solar flares and other things so they can have a pole shift. Solar flares cannot cause a magnetic pole shift on Earth, their magnetic fields are too weak by large factors.

9. Other predictions about the Sun are false or wrong. The next peak in solar activity is expected in the early - middle of 2013, not 2012 and the latest measurements show that the expected peak will be about average or even lower than average. Peaks in solar activity happen every 11 years. The worst that happens is that powers supplies can be cut in a few places for a few hours and some radio communications are disrupted.

10. Despite what some people say, there are no predictions about 2012 in the Bible, Nostradamus or any other old books. There was no prediction of 9/11 anywhere. Not only is Nostradamus vague waffle, people lie about it as well. Any mention of old Nosty predicting something immediately means whatever is being said is nonsense.

11. There is no force that can cause a sudden shift in the geographic poles.

12. There are no known large asteroids or comets that are likely to hit the Earth in 2012.

13 The Institute for Human Continuity is owned by Sony pictures and is intended to promote the movie '2012'. It has no actual reality. The 2012 movie is based on Nancy Lieder's failed 2003 predictions.

14. The whole thing is either crazies raving or some others trying to make a few dollars by frightening some people into buying worthless junk or selling garbage shows to TV networks.

The History Channel is only transmitting this rubbish to attract a bigger audience. While they transmit only fact based programs, their audience is the more intelligent half of the population which immediately limits the number of people watching. These people are also less likely to be sucked in by commercials. So they transmit nonsense, it broadens the audience and brings in the gullible who also believe commercials. Euphoria! Advertising revenue increases! Ths is called the "race to the bottom" and is why most TV is not worth watching.

15. Most of the people worried about this are under 16. I do not know any adult that gives this material any consideration at all. They know it's garbage.

See these sites "abhota" and "

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