Employee Legal Awareness Day 2025 is on Thursday, February 13, 2025: Team Obama to day laborers:We're the feds, but the good ones We're here to help you your opinion?

Thursday, February 13, 2025 is Employee Legal Awareness Day 2025. Legislators Announce First-Ever Illinois Diabetes Awareness Day at ... Illinois Diabetes Day

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Employee Legal Awareness Day

Worker Legal Awareness Day was established by an Australian lawyer, Paul Brennan. His goal ended up being to stress the significance of legal education for workers and smaller businesses and lower their chance of legal issues. Your day isn’t no more than laws and regulations though, Brennan also indicates that employees should improve their understanding of their company’s guidelines. Based on him, it's important for workers to possess a copy from the employer’s guide, and you'll discover details about bereavement policy, attendance and punctuality, conflict of great interest claims and non-disclosure contracts.So, each year employees could possibly get together about this day to celebrate and don't forget their legal privileges, they are able to feel empowered by their understanding and participate fully within the legislation that supports them as well as their business. Even though it came from around australia, this very day could be celebrated in offices around the globe, everywhere that individuals can access legal services as well as their legal privileges this very day could be freely recognised. In nations with less legal freedom, possibly your day might be marked by worker demos within the roads or any other protests to highlight the significance of legal awareness and legal practices with regards to employees and companies.

Team Obama to day laborers:We’re the feds, but the good ones We’re here to help you your opinion?

Why are they employed. They are breaking federal immigration laws by aiding and abetting. I wonder if we could do citizens arrest on these people who aid and abet in this manner. The law is clear about helping them to obtain employment or remain. This is absurd to say the least.

passive voice, state of being verbs?

passive voice, state of being verbs?

Passive voice is when you see phrases like "has been seen", "will be taken". As far as I can see, there are two in the memo draft:

1) An increase... HAS BEEN OBSERVED

2) ... a higher number of sick days HAVE BEEN TAKEN.

The reason this is called the "passive voice" is because the subject of the sentence (an increase, a higher number) is not what is doing the action. Rather, someone else is doing the action (observing, taking) but that someone else is not the subject of the sentence. If you turned the sentences around, they would no longer be in the passive voice: 1) Our company's accountant has observed an increase in... 2) Employees have taken a higher number of sick days ...

State-of-being verbs are forms of the verb "to be": is, am, are, was, were, be, being, and been. I see them in the following sentences:

1) has BEEN observed

2) have BEEN taken

5) I AM prepared...

6) can BE important

14) I AM most confident

Since the multiple choice gives 5 as the highest number of state-of-being verbs, I am assuming that 4) ... I AM recommending... is not considered to be a state-of-being verb, but rather a form of the verb "recommend".

I hope that's helpful, and I hope I didn't miss anything. You should go back over the memo just to be sure, now that you have a better idea of what to look for. All the best!

My employer isn’t providing me with PPE?

My employer isn't providing me with PPE?

Very simple. Report them to the Health and Safety Executive. This is the body responsible for enforcing the Health and Safety at Work Act. You cannot be persecuted by the company for making this report. The company would be in serious trouble for taking action against an "H&S whistleblower".

The directors can be personally prosecuted and punished so they can't "hide behind the company", but the company itself can be fined too.

If any employee or visitor is injured then very serious penalties apply. If someone is killed then the directors responsible are looking at very long time in prison.

The law is not entirely against the company: all employees have a legal duty to maintain H&S awareness at all times. This means that they must not engage in hazardous activities without the appropriate precautions. In your case you have recognised certain risks and hazards. Therefore you have a legal obligation to do the proper thing about it. Just "mentioning" the matter to the boss is not enough. If you don't report your concerns properly then not only would any damages you receive in the event of an accident be substantially reduced, but you may also be liable for prosecution for continuing dangerous practices.

PPE is, in the eyes of the law, the last thing that should be provided. The first thing that must happen is for each job to be designed to minimise the risks. The next thing to be provided is correct tools (eg saws must be sharp and strong enough) and the environment correct (eg well ventilated if working with chemicals). When every other hazard has been eliminated As Long As Reasonably Possible (it's not possible to completely eliminate risk or the company couldn't function) then PPE must be provided and the staff trained in its use AND they have a legal obligation to use it - or they can be dismissed without compensation.


If you are not in the UK then different laws may apply so please click on your national flag at the bottom of the screen and follow the instructions to limit your questions to your own country. Then you'll get more appropriate answers.

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