Madly In Love With Me Day 2025 is on Thursday, February 13, 2025: PLEASE HELP STILL MADLY IN LOVE WITH MY EX?

Thursday, February 13, 2025 is Madly In Love With Me Day 2025. Madly In Love With Me Day About Madly in Love with ME™

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Madly In Love With Me Day

Ladies, each year on the day just before you lavish the loved one in your life with all your passion, step back and prepare by concentrating as too much attention on yourself.

Yes, you are entitled to equally as too much of your love as does the things of your devotions.

That is the principle behind Madly Crazy With Me Day, hung on February 13th, the day just before Valentines Day. It wased established by Californian self-help master Christine Arylo, author of "Incredibly In Love With ME, The Daring Experience To Becoming Your Own Best Friend".

The approach is that to really manage to reveal love to others, a woman should first be empowered to like herself without apology so get rid of those diet regimen publications for a day, manage yourself to your preferred lunch in the company of people you know love and respect you as you are today.


I am still madly in love with my first love - and he died 12 years ago.

Madly in love?

Madly in love?

Infatuation and lust are easily confused because they're powerful and create a similar yet not identical sense of want. Almost a feeling of need. Love itself varies from person to person, your best bet if you are confused is to take it easy and just roll with the flow. Kind of like being a gentle breeze and letting things go as they will. If you two can do that. and stand the tests of time and random hitches in the road taht will come up then its safe to say that you're in love. Just don't rush to that snap judgement in a matter of days.

Tips for Valentines Day...PLEASE HELP!?

Tips for Valentines Day...PLEASE HELP!?

Make sure that if you tell her you love her you will get the same response that she loves you too, otherwise this could scare her off. Traditional Valentines Day gifts are usually jewelry, flowers and chocolate but you could opt for something different like concert tickets for you and her to her favourite band. You should make it clear to her that you do have strong feelings =D

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