Rising Star Month on January, 2022: Dates for rising star? Constellations?

January, 2022 is Rising Star Month 2022. Rising STAR The Rising STAR program starts

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Dates for rising star? Constellations?

a. Everyday the star is earlier (as Sun lags) by 4minutes of time. It implies that the star rises 4minutes earlier than the 24 hour day. In two months (60 days) it amounts to an advancing of 4 hours; 4 PM.

b. Gemini.

Sun is now in Pisces and that sets with the Sun; at that point of time the third (out of the twelve) sign is at the zenith being quarter of a circle away.

Describe the apparent motion of the stars as seen from earth?

Describe the apparent motion of the stars as seen from earth?

1. East to West everyday.

2. Rising & setting timing advance by 4 minutes everyday (= 2 hours /month). its due to Earth;s Orbital motion

3. Most importantly their timings depend on 'Declination' of each. A star on (Celestial) Equator like "ε Orionis" that has almost 0 declination, sets 12 hours after its rise time (deduct 2 minutes for Earth's Orbital motion). Others spend more time if they happen to be in you Hemisphere (either N or S) & happen to spend less time if in the opposite Hemisphere than yours. At the extreme, some spend all the 24 hours in the day in your sky (only thing is they can't be visible to us during day, but are there) - never rising nor setting. These are Circumpolar stars whose declinations are more than the (90° - Latitude);

declination > (90° - Latitude).

At the other Pole, in the opposite end (horizon) the same rule applies to stars with declination making them never visible to the person in a particular Latitude (or beyond). These are the Circumpolar stars that are never visible at other end as they never rise to set. For much of Europe the second brightest star 'Canopus' or the brilliant quartet (two of them, β & α, first magnitude stars) of 'Crux' are never seen till the persons moved to South Africa or Australia. The same way persons there (South Africa, Australia) never see Polaris, the stars of Great Bear (big dipper), Arcturus, Vega above their horizon.

DEADPOOL marvels new rising star?

DEADPOOL marvels new rising star?

Deadpool's a huge thing right now but Marvel has a way of over saturating the market with a thing that's popular. I think demand will wane over the next few months. Having said that, I think that Daniel Way is an awesome writer and Deadpool should stay on top as long as he's on board with the book.

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