Responsible Pet Owner's Month on February, 2025: Please help me, I need advice on my cat, thank you x?

February, 2025 is Responsible Pet Owner's Month 2025.

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Please help me, I need advice on my cat, thank you x?

there comes a time in all responsible pet owner's lives that a decision needs to be made. this is a hard decision to make, it's all about the quality of life of the pet and not about us being selfish about keeping the pet. if your cat can't keep food down and is vocal when being picked up or petted then it is time to have the cat euthanized. better to let the cat go and stop the pain and hunger than to try to hold onto the is one of the hardest decisions to make but it is all about the pet. hope this helps

Do Ferrets Make Good Pets For A 11 Year Old ?

Do Ferrets Make Good Pets For A 11 Year Old ?

I think a ferret is a good pet for certain people, but it has nothing to do with their age. He seems very responsible, he's done his research, so he'd make a great ferret owner. Here are the responses to your questions:

Ferrets are very expensive, and I don't expect an 11 year old to make enough money to keep them, so if you're willing to pay for an expensive cage, high quality toys, food, bedding, and vet bills, than great! But you can also make him work for his ferret's keep like chores around the house or make him do a yard sale.

First off, before you get a ferret get the book Ferrets for Dummies. It's the absolute BEST book for ferrets and it covers EVERYTHING you need to know. Internet sites are a great way to start out learning but this book is the absolute most important reading. Read it with him and make lists of things to remember, basic knowledge, and things to buy. I can go on and on about everything I know but it'd be GREAT for you to discover it yourself. What you need to know is ferrets have an odor to them. In shelters they are usually decented (in America) but they still have a smell. Personally I love it but you definitely need to go into your local pet shop or shelter to discover it yourself because you can't decide online. Before you get a ferret make sure you have handled one and know everything about them. Hence why Ferrets for Dummies is basically a ferret owner's god because they are so high maintenance. Nevertheless, if you are well educated and dedicated (like your smart son) they can be the best pet ever! You should make a chore board.

Mine looks like this:

7:30 (before school) - feed and check water

2:30 - feed and check water

3:00-4:00 - put in pen to play

4:30-6:30 - play with them

8:00 - feed and check water

Mon, Wed, Fri - Scoop litter (may want to scoop everyday)

Tues, Thursday, Saturday - clean bowls

Sunday - Clean litter

Every other Sunday - Clip nails and clean ears (don't bathe them more than once a month though, only clean them if they got into a mess or are really stinky. Most people only clean them once or twice a year)

Every other Friday - Wash bedding

This gives you a good idea of how much time and attention they need.

I suggest the Ferret Nation cage. BEST CAGE EVER. Trust me! Check out to get an idea of things to buy. I made a list of things to buy for my ferrets from cage accessories to pens to toys. It gives you a great idea of the cost of the ferret and is much cheaper than in stores.

Ferret Nation is the best because:

1. Wire ramps are needed. Plastic ramps are more of a slide and are very annoying for them.

2. Plastic pans are removable, replaceable, and easy to clean.

3. Doors open up the whole cage.

4. Many levels to play on, lots of space (need space for bathroom, kitchen, bedroom, playroom, etc)

5. Made of very sturdy materials.

6. Beautiful

7. Last you many years.

Check it out! :

The ferret will cost about $50-$200 depending on where you buy it. I would highly suggest getting it from a shelter. You can find young ferrets that need a second chance to a great life and a loving home. Check out to find shelters and ferrets who need a home in your area. And shelter ferrets are SO MUCH CHEAPER! I found one shelter that suggested a donation but their ferrets were adopted out for free. Shelters also have great volunteers and workers that are there because they love animals and want to adopt out ferrets to great families, so you don't have to worry about getting a sick animal or being pressured into getting one. If you get a shelter animal you can ask as many questions as you need because the workers are educated and extremely helpful. Ferrets at the shelter are usually done with biting and usually litter trained. A ferret can't totally be litter trained, if their box isn't right there they may poop somewhere naughty, and the biting is bad because ferrets have really tough skin so their teeth are extra sharp, this can do serious damage. But shelter ferrets are handled constantly, much less work, and very social.

Okay back to questions.

He is right that ferrets, guinea pigs, hamsters, and rabbits DON'T mix. Ferrets are predators so keep them far away at all times!

Males and females are sort of different. Most of the time females are more hyper while males are more chill, but it doesn't really matter.

He is also right you NEED to neuter or spay your ferret no matter what, it can SAVE THEIR LIFE! He is right about the heat thing, if they don't have sex they'll die. Shelters already spay and neuter their pets before sending them home.

He is very wrong about ferrets not being tame and only getting one. First off ferrets are fully domesticated which means they fully rely on humans to take care of them, so they are in no way wild. And they are very social animals which means a partner is required and is LESS WORK. If you have a ferret buddy for your ferret it is less work because of all the attention they need. So you must get at least 2 ferrets and no more than 8.

Hope this helps. ANY QUESTIONS YOU HAVE? Email me from my page I'll be extremely happy to help you out.

Good luck and much love <3



What Do You Think of This Initiative?

What Do You Think of This Initiative?


What it does for me is: Eliminates California as a place to sell pups as I will not allow a pup I've produced to be spay/neutered before full growth as I cannot/will not guarantee hips/elbows due to the increased risk of dysplasia from early spay/neutering... I am adamantly opposed to early spay neuter as it increases the risk of several types of cancer in a breed already prone to such.

It drives up the overall price of pups for everyone. This makes it even more cost effective for backyard breeders and puppymills to produce pups. The price of pups is going to skyrocket as these bills continue to be passed... which as this type of law spreads leads to a black market in animals.

It leads to more dogs being abandoned to shelters... where intact strays may have been previously been bailed out by owners.. now they may leave them there due to the fines.....or they may be forced to give them up to shelters due to lack of funding to pay for spay/neuter and fear of breaking the law.

It decreases the number of people who are dog fanciers (potential future responsible breeders) as they may not want to pay the fee to keep a dog intact. It also decreases the available genepool.

It may cause an increase in dog (and human) deaths due to rabies as people may fear to bring their intact animal in to the vet. (not to mention the deaths from other causes)

Increases animal abuse/neglect as people attempt to hide animals in basements, attics, sheds, garages.

It drastically increases the need for funding to uphold the law.

It pits neighbor against neighbor (encouraging neighbors to turn in their neighbors for harboring illegal intact animals).

Fewer kids will grow up with pets. Fewer kids will learn responsibility. More kids will fear dogs.

Edit: This is a law that punishes the responsible breeders, the hobby breeders and yes, the LAW-ABIDING backyard breeders. It is a law set up to encourage commercial breeders.... legislating that people only get pups from commercial breeders out for profit... or those breeders wealthy enough to keep paying the licensing fees.

Editx2: I just gotta wonder at the logic of someone believing this law will help dogs... how? By decimating a gene pool? By driving breeding underground? By removing a person's right to determine what is best for their animal? By causing an increase in disease caused by early spay/neuter? By making dog breeding something only the wealthy can do... or worse yet, only commercial producers?

Spay/neuter is allowed and encouraged in the US. Do you know that in progressive countries like Sweden it isn't? There, you are expected to be responsible for your animal's reproductive capabilities. Why is it Americans can't do that?

The right to determine what is in your best interest and the best interest of your animal SHOULD NOT BE LEGISLATED EITHER WAY!!!!

Also on this date Saturday, February 1, 2025...