Onion Rings Day 2022 is on Wednesday, June 22, 2022: do you like onion rings?

Wednesday, June 22, 2022 is Onion Rings Day 2022. French Fry Diary: French Fry Diary 120: National Onion Rings Day National Onion Rings Day.

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Onion Rings Day

Get a side order of deep-fried, crispy battered onion rings for Onion Rings Day! Tempura or beer-battered? Mayonnaise or tartar sauce? And when it comes down lower into it, why bother ordering your primary course whatsoever, whenever you could simply have more onion rings rather?

do you like onion rings?

ooohhh yeah!maybe i'll get propose with an onion ring one day..LOL

Simple onion ring recipe?

Simple onion ring recipe?

Original Sonic Onion Ring Recipe –

you can make this fast food favorite at home

I worked at Sonic as a teenager

and had to help make the onion rings EVERY DAY…

the secret is using vanilla ice milk mix,

but using melted vanilla ice cream works just as well.

Sliced and separated Spanish onions

Pan or bowl of water

Pan or bowl of all purpose flour

Pan or bowl of melted vanilla ice milk

Pan or bowl of ground corn meal

Cookie sheet for air drying

Place above items on counter in order listed.

Dip onion in water, then flour (shake off excess),

dip in melted ice milk, then corn meal.

Gently shake off excess and place on cookie sheet

to air dry for at least 20 minutes.

Fry until browned.

Sifting the flour and corn meal once in a while keeps lumps out

and makes it easier to coat the rings

When placing on cookie sheets to save room,

lean on top of each other to allow entire ring to dry.

onion rings???

onion rings???

batter. I was just thinking this the other day while eating soggy ones in breadcrumbs.

Also on this date Wednesday, June 22, 2022...