Global Smurfs Day 2022 is on Wednesday, June 22, 2022: Will you spend 5 minutes today to end global poverty, disease and war?

Wednesday, June 22, 2022 is Global Smurfs Day 2022. Idle Hands: Global Smurfs Day! Global Smurfs Day!

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Will you spend 5 minutes today to end global poverty, disease and war?

YES and NO.

YES: Well, ending global poverty is everyone's responsibility. From the fanatical suicide bomber to the warmongering politician, everyone is expected to do his/her part. We can pitch in, in our own little ways (cheesy, huh?). I, for one, am a member of Solar Generation. It's an internnational youth organization forwarding alternate sources of energy, like wind and solar power.

NO: FIVE minutes is too short to make a difference. The only thing I can think of is momentarily switching off your electricity; the French pulled that off quite well. I'm not sure with Americans, with all their insatiable need for energy. But I digress.

Making changes, let alone the initiative, is far from easy. But we need to make effort, no matter how inconvenient they may be.

Can someone do me a favor?

Can someone do me a favor?

Have you ever wondered why Drive Up ATM's have keypads with braille on them?

Why is it that we drive on a parkway and park on a drive way?

Why was Smurfette the only female smurf? And where did baby smurfs come from?

What makes a jumping bean jump?

Spring is right around the corner!

Global warming means increased sea levels and which means we'll all be that much closer to having beach front property!

What job in the US makes the most money?

-U.S. Bureau of Engraving and Printing: They make all kinds of money from dollar bills to 10,000 dollar bills. Nice!

Have you seen that new commercial where people are working in an manufacturing plant and Allen Jackson's song "Good Time" comes on? If so, in the very beginning of the commercial where the song first starts playing and you see the two men working. Well, have you ever wondered what the heck the second guy is looking at when he turns to look at the other guy? It looks like he was checking him out big time.... and then they start dancing together? I don't know I tell you. lol

Evidence against human-caused climate change?

Evidence against human-caused climate change?


The sensible and honest answer is that there are no arguments that reject the idea of human caused climate change.

What you will find is that some people claim to have evidence but when you weed out the lies, the deception, the propaganda and the ignorance there’s nothing left. Don’t be fooled by the liars and the frauds. If someone makes a statement then ask them to back it up with reliable sources, if they can’t then the chances are that they’re talking nonsense.

We’re fortunate in that Jeffrey Cole has already provided a good example of the incessant drivel that some deniers and skeptics put forth. To the scientifically illiterate it may appear vaguely convincing but the reality is that it’s utter garbage. The only thing that’s impressive is how so many lies and deceptions have been crammed into so few paragraphs.

At the end of the day global warming is a consequence of the laws of physics, and not just any old laws but quantum mechanics – the most powerful and successful of all scientific laws. Whether we like it or not, and whether we admit it or not, global warming is inevitable.

Maybe that’s why there isn’t a single national or international scientific organisation on Earth that refutes the fact that humans are affecting the climate.

Several years ago the large oil and power companies engaged in a propaganda campaign and invested heavily in producing bogus scientific reports that claimed global warming wasn’t happening. It now turns out that no less than 90% of the ‘scientists’ who claimed global warming wasn’t happening were directly linked to ExxonMobil.

In 2006 they admitted to the lies and deception and promised not to do so again, and by and large they have kept to their word. But the damage was already done. The lies were out there and people fell for them, to this day they still believe them even though the sources of the misinformation have stated they’re lies.

So in reality what we have is the most powerful of all scientific laws and the global scientific community on one side of the debate and on the other side a bunch of lies being regurgitated by those who generally don’t have the first clue about the climate.

And just for the record, every major oil and power company in the world now accepts that climate change is real. And why would they do that when they stand to lose billions as a result?

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