National Volunteer Blood Donor Month on January, 2023: How do you become a bone marrow donor?

January, 2023 is National Volunteer Blood Donor Month 2023. The Blood and Tissue Center of Central Texas National Volunteer Blood Donor

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How do you become a bone marrow donor?

Hi. Get in touch with the National Blood Service and see if they have any appointments at a diff rent venue earlier than Sep. You may be able to go to your local hospital if it has a Blood Transfusion Service attached to it.

One of the hospitals in my area has this and you can make appointments to go there to give blood even on the first Sunday of each month.

They test your suitability from a simple blood test if you are a good candidate they will add you to the register and send you a card stating that you are a Bone Marrow Volunteer.

The service is in great need of Blood from ETHNIC minorities as well as the rest of us.

blood donor ?? Sexural asulted?

blood donor ?? Sexural asulted?

WPBTS is a South African based agency. Unless you're donating in that area, the above information does not apply to you. The incidence of HIV and AIDS in Africa is very high and there is even a type of HIV that is currently found only in Africa. I would question the safety of Africa's blood supply.

The FDA regulates blood donation here in the United States, which is where I assume you're at. Yes, NAT helps detect some conditions earlier and more reliably, but the FDA still requires the following screening:

The bottom line with your situation is the question "Are you a male who has had sexual contact with another male, even once, since 1977?"

Unfair? Perhaps. However, the FDA is extremely conservative; that is why the United States blood supply is so safe. Being a blood donor is a privilege, not a right, and many, many people are not eligible to donate blood for reasons that aren't their own fault.

You are very unselfish in that you want to donate blood to help others. However, current FDA regulations exclude you. You may want to find some other way to help others, such as volunteering for hotlines or at crisis centers, since you have had a traumatic experience yourself.

Volunteering/Community Service in NYC?

Volunteering/Community Service in NYC?

There are various blood banks in NYC and a list is given below.

Blood banks, these days, are constantly looking for responsible volunteers who can complete paperworks, file data, mail letters, encode data, manage canteen, entertain people in the waiting area, answer important phone calls and educate people about blood donation. Blood banks are also in need of volunteers to assist them in organizing blood donation drives, especially now that it's the National Blood Donor Month.

Also on this date Sunday, January 1, 2023...