Self-Love Month on January, 2023: Love Month - Should i break up because of our differences?

January, 2023 is Self-Love Month 2023.

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Should i break up because of our differences?

Since the main problem/ cause for fights/ break-ups/ divorces in marriages/ relationships in the world is only one: different visions of love (each man and woman thinks he/she is right), they don't understand/ practice True Love, or they practice Self- Love. So the key to unity/ harmony/ True Happiness in relationship is only this: one vision of True Love between the two of u. In this case, you have to change more than she does. You should not break up, because even if you break up, you will encounter the same problem: you and your future girl will not agree on one important thing, as part of True Love concept: the existence of God. Because 88% of world’s population believes in God. So your future relationship will be mostly likely with someone who believes in God, so if you are still stubborn about being Atheist, you will always have future disagreements, and think about breaking up. If you understand True Love fully, you will believe that there is one right answer to everything, just as there is only 1 set of right (highest) principles, just as there is only 1 God. Another characteristic of True Love: you are willing to sacrifice for the sake of being with her, and in this case, you will sacrifice for something good, your willingness to explore about God.

Here are some characteristics about True Love, something that u both must agree:


Read 1 CORINTHIANS 7:3-5

How much sex is enough? The answer is simple: U will have enough sex only when both partners are completely satisfied. If either partner is not pleased, then increase your frequency until both the husband’s and wife’s needs are met. This frequency is an essential element because within this lovemaking act, we are doing something (sex) as a team, and in doing so, we learn to eliminate selfishness within us. To love truly, or to reach the Godlike state (True Happiness), is about the total removal of selfishness within yourself. If one partner is willing, and the other is not willing, sexual intercourse between the two must still be performed. Do u know that the more u surrender yourself for the happiness of another person, the happier and more complete u become?

2. There are only 2 kinds of happiness, just there are only 2 kinds of love in this world: True Love and Self-Love. One, Self-Happiness, the simplest form of happiness, which u will get when u practice Self-Love-u love yourself more than u love others. Two, TRUE HAPPINESS, which you will get when u love others (your lover and children) more than u love yourself: you live for them (True Love).

All the philosophers in the world, including the Atheist ones, plus God and Jesus, believe this: to reach the highest level of happiness (True Happiness), or to reach completeness as a human being is to think as little as possible about yourself, and as much as possible about others. Meaning? ONE. U will never be completely happy if u practice Self-Love. TWO. U cannot be the most complete if u are married but u don't practice True Love to each other, or if u are married with no children, or if u have children but u still practice Self-Love.


The whole idea of a True Marriage/ Relationship is that you complement/ help each other to become more mature/ unselfish/ compassionate/ passionate/ romantic/ purposeful/ wiser. There is no such thing when you meet a girl, that there are no differences between u two. This is by God’s design and a part of the genius and mystery of True Marriage: although we all have weaknesses, not only can our spouses’ strength often make up for them, but also, our weaknesses will be removed because of our spouses. Some parts (strength) of us would not emerge if not because of (loving) the other person.

4. TRUE PURPOSE OF LIFE: you live for the True Happiness of your spouse and future children

5. There is even a reason why God designed men to be more selfish than women, why women are designed to be the opposite/ complement of men: men’s tank of semen need to spill in wet dreams when full, women’s don’t; men are much easier to climax than women; once women arrive at the top of the curve, they can go multiple, while men’s curve goes down after the crest; one egg stays at one place, while billion sperms struggle to swim and come to the egg. Once they get there, they still have to work hard: drilling a hole on the thick wall of that egg, only 1 survives, others die.

The reason? So God’s TRUE LEADERSHIP concept can work in men, as part of True Love concept. Meaning? Men, by nature, creation and God's design, have to work harder love/ please the other person. Men must be willing to give 3 loves to her, even though they get only 1 love back from her. Men have to learn to be much more mature/ unselfish/ loving/ compassionate/ patient/ romantic/ passionate than the women. Why? Life is like a dance. One has to lead. The leader must know both his and her steps, while the follower needs to know her steps only.

psychic, wat do you think about the result of my job application this month?

psychic, wat do you think about the result of my job application this month?


the fool Reversed

The choice made most likely is faulty. Fear might hold you back from taking on new opportunities. Bad decision. Indecision. Apathy. Hesitation. Negligence.


the knave of cups Reversed

It is a card of someone who is immature or has emotional troubles. It can depict a person who is escaping through drugs or alcohol, or someone who is running away from reality and living in his own world. This is a person who is emotionally insecure and unable to conduct healthy relationships. He expects too much and gives too little. He is lacking in self-love and self-acceptance, and may be emotionally abusive. This person has rampant and unfocused emotions, and may therefore imagines a lot and gets his feeling hurt without reason. He is suspicious, self-doubting, insincere, selfish and easily depressed.

Selfishness and love of luxury. Little desire to create.


Completion. You need to ceremoniously acknowledge and celebrate the completion of an important course of action. Give thanks for the support, friendship and good things in your life. Enjoy mutual support with another. Feel complete. Do you remember the thrill you felt as a child seeing your birthday cake alight with candles? Or waiting to get on a roller coaster? Or slow-dancing with your first love? This bubbly, high-as-a-kite feeling lies at the heart of the four of Wands.

In readings, the four of Wands often represents the events and experiences that generate excitement. These vary from person to person, but the stirring feelings are the same. Sometimes such times arrive unexpectedly. The four of Wands can signal a surprise or spontaneous thrill. Other times this card represents planned celebrations, such as weddings, anniversaries, birthdays, and victory parties. These events have their solemn side, but they are also a chance to feel the joy of living.

The four of Wands also means freedom. Freedom can take many forms, but it always brings with it an exhilarating feeling. When we break the bonds that bind us, whether physical, mental or emotional, we feel triumphant and able to move on to a new period of growth and happiness. If you feel trapped or restricted right now, use the energy of the four of Wands to launch you into freedom. Do not be afraid to claim the open vistas that are rightfully yours.

Celebration, ceremony upon completion. Optimism and joy. Relaxation. Good time to move in new directions, something completed, something initiated. Contented home life. Prosperity. Harvest. A successful conclusion. Personal achievement, material well being. Card of the home. Improvements to property or imminent move. Working with people.

Celebration of recent good fortune; marriage or good solid business relationship; the successful completion of the initial stage of a project; cooperation, heading in the same direction, of the same mind; the coming together of ideas; satisfaction with current situation.

The Four of Wands depicts a celebration outside the walls of a castle. The canopy of flowers on the four wands is similar to the wedding canopy or chuppah of the traditional Jewish ceremony and thus represents a time of fulfillment and satisfaction at the attainment of a goal. The number four is a number of completion, stability, and realization. The pursuit of the creative journey has begun to bear fruit, and early results are now being enjoyed. This card augurs a time of joy and satisfaction in life and represents the personal gratification of a job well done, a goal attained, a vision beginning to be realized.

The four indicates a sense of harmony and balance as well as completion, and thus symbolizes a time of peace and joy in life that come as the result of often difficult and challenging effort. If you encounter this card in a reading, there is cause for celebration! The Four of Wands if one of the most positive cards in the Tarot deck and indicates general good fortune, satisfaction, and fulfillment. But realize, as always, that all things are temporal and that there may be challenges ahead.

The Four of Wands indicates peace and tranquillity. You may find a refuge from the turmoils of life. This contentment may be the result of the association with another person in a romantic setting.

so basically, your broke right now but your gonna a get a job soon

don't give up

Self-love means what?????

Self-love means what?????

WTF? Stop reading the mental self help books and get a life. Follow your heart. Good Luck!

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