National Tap Dance Day 2025 is on Sunday, May 25, 2025: How do I get more dance hours?

Sunday, May 25, 2025 is National Tap Dance Day 2025.

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How do I get more dance hours?

Okay not going to sound harsh in anyway,,, but 4hours a week, will not get you in proffessional dance, I do 5hours-5 days a week and i do 7hours on a Saturday... i do 32hours a week... try that, its hard work, and i have been doing that for 14yrs now and im only 16yrs old. I want to become a Proffessional dancer so much, i have been entering competitions to get myself known, and been to Ballet schools auditions, i have been accepted onto Summer Intensive programmes and was also offered a Scholarship in America (but i didnt take it because of my School work).

So if you want to become a Proffesional dancer, then tbh change dance studios go with a Dance School that has a well known background, or go into dance classes that are a Higher Grade then you, or take more difference types of dance so you can push yourself more thats what i do and it pays off,, i do Ballet, Tap, Modern, Jazz, Lyrical, Irish, Greek, National, Pointe work, and many more. Also i would advise for you to get yourself well known as well, enter competitions and go to Dance Auditions for either Schools or Summer Programmes.

Also you have got to work really hard and have the time and dedication to get you there.

Hope this helps :)

Tap dance outfit idea?

Tap dance outfit idea?

well if you can get a frilly skirt or a tutu as the bottom (or any skirt that can be danced in) and for the top you can get one of those meshy clear tops and put a tank top ( any color) under it and then get some gloves that match the outfits with a matching tie or hat

answer mine plz

How does this dance schedule sound? What to do about money?

How does this dance schedule sound? What to do about money?

It depends on how long you dance for each of those four days. I take ballet only(soon pointe as well), 4 days a week. I think your schedule sounds pretty good. I know it's expensive, but that's just part of dancing. Perhaps get a job so you can pay for some of the expenses yourself, in your free time always offer to do whatever you can to help. Get her a really nice thank-you card and something she likes (for my mom, it would be a nice bunch of flowers and a massage). I hope I could help you!

By the way, my parents LOVE it when I transform our dining table into a fancy restaurant. I do it whenever I need to make back a favor and I'm out of cash. Here's a nice way to do it for dinner:

1. Clean up the table and the surroundings, play some nice music and set out fancy silverware/tablecloth/placemats/etc.

2. Make a menu! It adds a cute little touch.

3. Dress up as a waiter! Get out some fancy clothes.

4. Make the food! My favorite recipe is a ton of little snacks. Get crackers, ham, and tomatoes. Chop the ham so it fits on the cracker and put the tomatoes on top of that. Make a ton and put it on a nice plate. Make some sandwiches in the same way.

5. Enjoy!

Also on this date Sunday, May 25, 2025...