Cookie Monster's Birthday 2025 is on Sunday, May 25, 2025: cupcake help, for bday party?

Sunday, May 25, 2025 is Cookie Monster's Birthday 2025. aoltv: sesamestreet: Happy birthday, Cookie... • Moviefone Happy birthday, Cookie Monster

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cupcake help, for bday party?

Have some fun with Sesame Street party decorations. Place a theme poster on the fence or front door to greet your young guests. Hang colorful balloons in bunches all around the yard. Put up a banner that says "123 Sesame Street".

Spread out Sesame street theme toys around the party room inside the house. Hang paper streamers from the ceiling. Have Oscar's garbage can, Cookie Monster's cookie table, and other related things named after children's favorite characters.

Set the table using Sesame Street products (see a link to Party Supplies above). Put a Big Bird Mylar balloon in the middle of the table for a centerpiece.

Play Sesame Street music in the background!

what are some fun things to do at a birthday party for a girl who is turning 11?

what are some fun things to do at a birthday party for a girl who is turning 11?

Only a week just invite a few friends over for a Halloween-type party (decorations can be the theme...just do enough, not a whole lot)...balloons and streamers...little white Christmas lights strung up...carved out pumpkin with one of those "pretend candles" from craft store (not real flame, but lights just the same in a tea light form).

Make easy snacks...make Rice Krispy treats and mold them into ghosts and stick 2 chocolate chips for eyes

Take Oreo cookies (with orange filling if you want)...and get some black string licorice. Cut licorice into legs to make a SPIDER...stick 4 pieces into the filling on each side (bend a little to make them look like legs). Then attach 2 M&M's with a bit of frosting on top for eyes (place them close to the edge between the legs as you look at the cookie-spider.

Take pretzel rods and melted chocolate and dip pretzel rods halfway in the chocolate and then roll in Halloween colored sprinkles....stand up in a sturdy mug.

Here's some kid-friendly Halloween drinks to serve:

Bubbling Witches Brew>>

This Halloween drink can be made in a bowl or cups but needs to be prepared JUST before serving for the maximum effect.


Mountain Dew, Sprite, Gingerale, or Club soda (COLD)

Marshmallows (small) - used as teeth

Lime sherbet

Pour the cold soda into a serving bowl or cups.

Add marshmallows (for teeth).

When guests arrive (or before they have a drink of the brew) add the frozen lime sherbet.

The sherbet will bubble and fizz like a real witches brew!

Poison Potion>>>

Poison Potion

This Halloween drink is as black as night, making it extra creepy!


1 package Kool-aid grape unsweetened

1 package Kool-aid orange unsweetened

2 cups Sugar

3 quarts/ 3 litres cold water

1 quart/ 1 litre Ginger ale- chilled

Mix the Kool-Aid and sugar in pitcher; add water and ice and stir until the sugar has dissolved. Add the ginger ale

just before serving.

(Adding gummy worms to ice cube trays and freezing them in water makes for a spooky effect)

Play games like Apples to Apples....Pictionary....Charades....Twister....have fun Halloween music: like "Witch Doctor", "Monster Mash", "Ghostbusters", "Werewolves in London","Thriller"

Can also bob for apples (can't use hands)....get bunch of apples in a big tub of water.

Can also tie donuts on a string and hang from doorway (or wherever it's easy)....guests have to be blindfolded and grab the donut with their mouth ...can't use hands.

Have bowls of candy set out, serve pizza

EDIT; here's an idea for some Halloween "monster" pizza English muffins:

Halloween English Muffin Pizza

Ingredients: (serves 8)

* 4 English muffins, split

* 1 1/2 Tbsp. butter

* 1/2 cup pesto sauce

* 3/4 cup shredded cooked rotisserie chicken breast (optional)

* 1 cup shredded mozzarella cheese

* sliced black olives

* red bell pepper


Preheat oven to 375 degrees F.

Butter each English muffin half. Place on a cookie sheet, buttered side up, and bake on center rack until lightly golden, 5 minutes.

Spread pesto sauce over English muffin halves. Top with shredded chicken and mozzarella cheese. Bake 10-15 minutes until cheese is melted and golden.

Decorate each English muffin pizza with two black olive slices for eyes. Cut little triangles out of red pepper. Place on pizzas for the monster's nose.

Servings: 8

Time:5 Minutes Preparation Time

15 Minutes Cooking Time

Ideas for boyfriends 18th presents?

Ideas for boyfriends 18th presents?

Go on eBay.. Look up his favourite colour, cross reference it with things he likes such as football..

For my guyfriends birthdays and stuff, food is always a good idea.. But buying your boyfriend food isn't enough for an 18th birthday.. So buy something else as well - For example, I bought my guyfriend a 'Cookie Monster' Hoodie and a pack of Maryland Cookies.. Both of which he loved :) Mix 'n' Match things he likes..

If you wanna stick to football themed stuff, you can look at Which has pages and pages of different football stuff..

Theres also this one; Which has some more personalizable stuff on it :L

I always find that the best gifts are ones that you and the gifter can share a private little joke with.. Or something that reflects a time that you and the person have had together.. Or something that he may have mentioned to you very briefly that he wanted, for instance, a friend of mine spent 2 weeks really wanting to have a pipe.. Not to smoke with, just because she had seen something where someone had a pipe, and wanted to be like them.. I remembered this, gave her a pipe 8 months later which she really loved! :)

Be personal.. And try and get something really unusual.. So look on eBay and stuff.. Hope this helped, Good Luck :)

Also on this date Sunday, May 25, 2025...