National Smile Month on May, 2024: National American Miss?

May, 2024 is National Smile Month 2024.

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National American Miss?

I just left the Miss Missouri pageant! It was SO AWESOME - I am writing fro my scores and I am doing it again next year!

Good Luck!

Keep smiling!

National American Miss?

National American Miss?

National American Miss is an amazing organization and if you do compete you will have a blast! I have been involved in this program for 5 years now and it has been a great opportunity. Normally they will send you 4 magazines over a few months that explain everything you are asking, but since you do have so little time it might come all at once. Theres 4you will be competing in.

Formal Wear-which is where you wear a gown of your choice and model on stage

Personal Introduction-you will be telling the judges a little bit about yourself (Name, Hometown, Hobbies, what you want to do in the future)

Personal Interview-you will be in a room with one judge at each table and you have about a minute to speak with them. They will ask you questions (don't worry theres no right or wrong answers) and you will have a short time to give your answer.

Lastly there is community service which is the area that is not competition but does account for 10% of your overall score. All you need to do is bring a book or a stuffed animal to the competion and donate it.

Your gown for formal wear should flatter your shape, and not be too sexy or revealing.It can be any dress that you would wear to prom or homecoming and you do not need to spend a lot too look gorgeous!

Your interview suit is just that. A suit. They say you can wear a dress or something you would wear in church but most girls wear a suit because it is more proffesional. You will be wearing this for both the Personal Introduction Competition, as well as the Interview.

If you need a gown you can easily go to a bridal store or boutique if you have any near you. I would recommend checking out a local department store like Sears, Macy's, JC Penny or Dillards. They have many dresses that are appropriate for pageants.

What you need to know most is that all the judges want to see is that you are having fun, that you are honest, and you always have a reason to smile. Don't be stressed out becuase this is one of the greatest pageants to start off with! You will have an excellent time as long as you go into it with an open mind! You will definetly come out of this with more poise and confidence than you ever imagined you could have!

Good Luck and have a great time!

Ever tried "Beaming White Smile" teeth whitening treatment?

Ever tried "Beaming White Smile" teeth whitening treatment?

I actually bought their kit on Groupon last month I think it was. It actually worked very well and it didn't give me any tooth sensitivity. The guy promoting Idol White is probably getting a commission for taking you to the site and buying. It's a total scam. The Kardashian video does NOT even mention Idol White. I wonder if the Kardashians even know that this video is being used as if they were endorsing that product. If they were, they would mention it by name or show it, don't you think? Dude, you are just as much a scammer as these Idol White people. At least with Beaming White the product is much cheaper and if you are not happy you can return it to Groupon for a refund, so you can't go wrong. I would have asked for my money back if it hadn't worked.

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