National Robotics Week on April, 2024: i need a program that can tell me how far a piston can shoot a soccer ball?

National Robotics Week 2024. Museum of Science and Industry National Robotics Week

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i need a program that can tell me how far a piston can shoot a soccer ball?

First your question describes a simulation or modeling type of program. Then your description describes the control program for a robot. I think you are in over your head. I doubt that you can do this in five weeks. I'm not telling you to give up. I just think you have a lot to learn and you will have to wait for another competition event to enter at a future date.

Cheap cape and mask: what stores?

Cheap cape and mask: what stores?

Vancouver all the way and I don't even have to explain why is the best city in Canada....

Many reasons why toronto is NOT....

" I think Toronto sucks because it's very overrated. It's just a crappy version of New York City, and all the Toronto radio stations talk about it as if it were some American cliche, where dreams and miracles meet reality, when really, it's just a big dump.

Drive twenty minutes out of the rich downtown business districts, and you're in the slums. It makes Harlem look like Beverly Hills.

There are bums sleeping on the sidewalks and most areas look so run-down that I wouldn't dare to stop my car, much less get out of it. I'm tired of waking up to "another stabbing/rape/shoot-out in Toronto last night" on the morning news.

Actually, what I hate most about Toronto is what they did the the Royal Ontario Museum (ROM). It was such a beautiful old building, and now it looks like it sprouted some kind of ******* robotic tumor. I'm sure I'll get some thumbs down for this answer, but this city is a national disgrace.

If they can keep Ottawa looking so nice and clean, then they should pay a visit to southern Ontario"


My source is from another yahoo user why answered a question " why does toronto suck"

6 hours ago

Do you care if there is another democratic debate?

Do you care if there is another democratic debate?

"What are we to learn about our candidates with another debate that we cant learn with google in on second?"

Who can think better on their feet.

Also on this date Monday, April 1, 2024...