Legal Drinking Age Day 2023 is on Friday, July 21, 2023: Legal Age to drinking down to 18 in USA?

Friday, July 21, 2023 is Legal Drinking Age Day 2023. Maine Lowers Minimum Drinking Age to 18; Hopes Move Will Boost ... College-Drinking

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Legal Age to drinking down to 18 in USA?

The drinking age debate has been heating up lately, recently over a 100 college presidents signed a petition called the "amtheyist initiave" to reopen the debate on the drinking age. So I think within the next few years, it is certainly possible that the current "21 years to drink" laws will be revisited. I'm 24 now, so this really doesn't affect me anymore, but I never really got over it.

My feelings on this are that the 21 age has not worked, since it was imposed on us by the federal government in 1984. Sure in theory the states control the drinking age, but we have the Federal Government blackmailing the states into having the 21 age or loosing 10% of their highway funds. As a result, no state will give up the money.

If this law has been so effective, then why are there still such a high level underage drinking? The answer is that the high drinking age doesn't stop 18-20 year olds FROM drinking it only changes WHERE they drink. So now we have a clandestine underage drinking culture that is forced into dimly lit basement parties and keggers in the woods in order to avoid detection from police. These types of environments are not good because they encourage binge drinking, since people in them will guzzle down alcohol because they fear the police will come at any point in the night to bust up their party.

As for the traffic fatality argument, its not really that possible to prove cause and effect. Since 1984 cars have gotten safer, roads have gotten safer, people haven been better educated about drinking and driving. You can't point to a single cause for the drop in traffic fatalities since the mid eighties. Many causes can lead to an effect.

Additionaly, I'm not really a fan of arbirtary age limits. Its not like the magical drinking fairy comes the night of your 21st birthday and makes you "mature" enough to drink, while the previous day your just an immature little kid. People have to experiment and learn their limits. You wouldn't just give a 16 year old car keys and say "go have fun", they have to get their permit first, take drivers ed, etc. Thats how we are treating 21 year olds with alcohol. We are basically telling people now, don't touch a drop until your 21 but after that go nuts we don't care. I'd like to see, as a piolit program. a sort of "drinking permit" for those 18-20, kind of like a probationary period. The permit would be issued by the state contingent on those who have reached 18, graduated from high school and, perhaps completed an alcohol education course. For those who drive drunk or otherwise screw up, their permit should be yanked and they will not be allowed to drink until 21.

Just my two cents.

legal drinking age in ireland?

legal drinking age in ireland?

You might get away with it but officially The Legal age is 18.

You will need ID and in some places you must be 21 to get into some bars, clubs etc.

= )

When is the United States going to lower the minimum legal drinking age?

When is the United States going to lower the minimum legal drinking age?

First of all this is in America where even small children can die from alcohol poisoning because their parents left out their left over drinks.

Most people I have known started before age 21 no matter what the law said from peer pressure.

I am almost 60 years old and worked in a jail where I was first hand what drinking can do to innocent people.

Contact AA or MA DD on line and see which one can give you better information.

Alcohol here is a legal liquid depressant drug and anyone can stop because there are free AA groups all over America.

People have used this drug since cave man days to change the way they feel.

People have free will and choices. Actions have consequences. Younger persons on the whole believe they cannot die or cause another person's death until it is too late many times. Then they try to blame others when they made the decision to put that drink or drug to their mouth.

The problems come when they do not limit or measure the amount of this drug. It affects the brain.

The more a person drinks the deeper animal centers of the brain are affected. This is why when you first go into a bar everyone is friends. The fights start later when the booze has had time to work on the brain and make the human unable to think or drive.

They can designate a driver who is not drinking.

They can call a taxi.

There is even new research that women who drink three drinks a week are more apt to get breast cancer and I have known this many years because two of my relatives died from alcohol.

Over my life I have lost about 200 friends that were killed in car accidents or from drinking too much.

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