No Pet Store Puppies Day 2022 is on Thursday, July 21, 2022: Where do the pet stores get the puppies that they sell?

Thursday, July 21, 2022 is No Pet Store Puppies Day 2022. Cat Wisdom 101 “No Pet Store Puppies Day

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Where do the pet stores get the puppies that they sell?

Puppies are sold to pet stores by brokers...brokers by their puppies from puppymillers...people who breed litter after litter indiscriminately with NO regard to the animal to make a dollar! They will often sell truckloads of puppies to brokers who load them cage upon cage into unheated or uncooled trucks to transport all over the country to deliver to pet stores. Up to 50% of the pups die from diseases, malnutrition, dehydration and neglect before even arriving at the pet store. The puppies that do survive are sold to the pet stores ; some stores buy just a couple of each kind to ensure their 'product' being sold. Many, many puppies die at the pet store before even getting a chance to be purchased...disease is rampant in puppymill pups due to the close quarters they share during transporting and even at the mill. Please read this website and you will learn ALL and more than ever wanted to know about the horrible practice of puppymills! Never buy a pup from a pet store...they ALL Claim to buy them from local's simply untrue 90% of the time; they are just covering their own a$$es and lying.

puppy died at pet store?

puppy died at pet store?

Don't let it haunt you because a lot of dogs in pet stores come from puppy mills and a lot of them are sick and don't survive long. My dog died in front of me and I had her for years. It still hurts but it doesn't haunt me where I wake up in the middle of the night thinking about it. Don't get me wrong I loved her dearly but since it just happened you will most likely be thinking about it for a few days but everythime the thought comes into your head just try to think of something else. I hoped this helped a little. the thought will go away with time. Good Luck

Pet Stores & Puppy Mills/Brokers?

Pet Stores & Puppy Mills/Brokers?

Disgusting. I doubt they are lying- their guarentee is probably very limited and vague though. "Puppy mill" is more of a cultural term than a stict definition from my understanding. They could do it by number of dogs or amount of vet care, which we all know means nothing. No good breeder would sell to them- period. Three days is NOTHING for reuring, 7 days is nothing for looking for genetic problems. BYBs aren't better than puppy mills, the immediate conditions may be better but with long term health they are the same in my books.

The line at the bottom is horrible though! Not only are they buying from BYBs and possibly border line mills/ brokers, they are solicitng people off the street for animals!!!

ADD: And they don't let you see the guarentee until AFTER you buy? How is that justifiable other than to trap you?

ADD: Hadn't even read that right- so they got called out on the puppy mill thing. Good, that is a tough "guarentee" to make since people have different definitions for it, maybe it will make people wonder where they get the dogs from.

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