Humanitarian Day 2023 is on Sunday, January 15, 2023: Humanitarian Contribution?

Sunday, January 15, 2023 is Humanitarian Day 2023. Beyoncé joins global aid organizations to highlight World ... World Humanitarian Day is a

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Humanitarian Contribution?


The number of people going hungry every day has hit a historic high of one billion, or more precisely 1.02 billion.

There are also over a billion people with access to the internet, who are able to help more than ever before. (If you are reading this, you âre one of the online billion!)

In the days leading up to World Food Day, we're asking the online billion to help the hungry billion!

To find out how to make a difference, go to &

Please forward it to all your friends & relatives for such a noble cause...Please...


Valentine’s day?

Valentine's day?

Your Life Path or Destiny Number is : 5



The Destiny number describes the life lessons that we have come here to learn. It reveals to us the path we must take, and the role we must play to fulfill our mission. Often our choice of career is based on this vibration, and if not, then it will manifest through avocational pursuits. We may attract people and experiences into our lives that mirror the traits of this number for us, so that we may develop into our highest potential. We don't always welcome our life lessons, so it is a possibility that we may even feel an aversion to the characteristics of our Destiny number in other people, and we may ourselves act the opposite. In spite of the many ways we may choose to react to this force within us, we have been gifted with all of the talents and energy needed to fulfill our Destiny. You learn through travel and experience. You are not one to be tied down for change and freedom are your souls purpose. Ever curious you are an explorer whether the expedition be across vast oceans or through volumes of informative books on a myriad of subjects. Life is your teacher and the five senses your guide. Communication and release of all limitations are important tools for your growth and for fulfilling your destiny.


Your element: Air

Your ruling planets: Uranus

Symbol: The Water Bearer

Your stone: Amethyst

Life Pursuit: To understand life's mysteries

Vibration: High frequency

Aquarian's Secret Desire: To be unique and original


Special note for Aquarians: With the new Millennium heralding the Dawn of the Age of Aquarius, at this time, ready or not, your sign is regarded as the zodiac's leader. You are the trendsetter for the future and because of this high responsibility, many under born your sign will be undergoing at this time, as we approach the Millennium, the pressure of personal change (particularly in your values and what makes you content and happy). Yours has always been a philanthropic sign. Now more than ever these qualities will be highlighted. Those born under the sign of Aquarius not only march to a different drummer, they make up new music as they go along. They are 'mind oriented' individuals, whose thoughts never stop tick-tocking over. Because of their high focus on intellectual exploration, many inventors, eccentrics and highly original trailblazers are born under this sign. Their intense ability to live on many mental levels, holds both pain and pleasure for Aquarians. For example, in the American Hall of Fame there are more Aquarians than any other sign, yet statistics reveal that in mental institutions there are more Aquarians than any other sign too. Many extremes can surround this sign and these extremes can take them to both heaven and hell. But in everyday terms, most Aquarians are extremely humanitarian and often involved in social programs that assist others. They can also be objective in judgement, for they never let their emotions get in the way. Outgoing and amiable, Aquarians attract friends wherever they go and those whom Aquarians befriend have their unswerving loyalty. Aquarians are the zodiac's most mysterious and unusual people - and no two are anything alike. Those born under this sign - ruled by innovative and non-conformist Uranus - march to the beat of their own drum. They see life in a different way. Others quite frequently think their habits and ideas are eccentric or crazy in some way, but it is this uniqueness that makes them so special. The Aquarian mind is extremely quick and they never seem to stop thinking (it is interesting to note that many born under this sign suffer from insomnia.) Aquarians usually have strong political, environmental or social beliefs. But whether it is a relationship, career or cause - Aquarians are happiest when they have "something" to believe in and nurture.

Love & Blessings


Air Force Humanitarian Assignments?

Air Force Humanitarian Assignments?

It's been about 10 years since I was in the AF, but at that time, the humanitarian packages usually didn't get approved if the person was predicted to have more than 12 months to live. So, don't be surprised if you have to resubmit in a few months.

We actually considered getting a humanitarian when my father-in-law was dying of cancer and we were stationed overseas. But his took him so quickly that we didn't have time to really go through the process.

I wish you and your familly all the best.

Also on this date Sunday, January 15, 2023...