Hat Day 2023 is on Sunday, January 15, 2023: Any one els hat Valentines Day

Sunday, January 15, 2023 is Hat Day 2023.

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Hat Day

Cold mind? An excellent solution may be to put on a hat and just what better chance than Hat Day?If you are lacking suggestions for which kind of hats to put on, read this great periodic table of hats for inspiration!

Any one els hat Valentines Day??

Oh yeah! My bf of 6 years just moved out. So this Valentine's day is going 2 b hard. But, last year we were together & that sucked too. In fact, i have one of those cute Teddy Bears from last year. He has the heart stamped cellophane (from the chocolates he was holding) wrapped around his head and tied off with the bow around his neck. The silk rose is stuck through his "heart" and comes out under his tail. He doesn't have stuffing in his belly anymore either. Instead he has ripped up cards and other sentimental non meaning junk. I felt smothered, like i had been stabbed through the heart, and like my insides were ripped out. That was right after he gave me the bear. Of course there is a long story behind all of that. If it helps, think about that. Not all those Teddies, roses, and cards are going to make who ever receives them feel all warm and fuzzy. Sometimes it makes things worse because they almost "have" to buy that crap. A true love will do those kind of things when it's not Valentine's day. Try 2 do something nice for u! That's what i'm going 2 do this year.

crazy hat day?

crazy hat day?

Purple hat with purple hair

Are there more than one Red Hat days..Is there a green hat day at all?

Are there more than one Red Hat days..Is there a green hat day at all?

green hat day is the day following the day after the one before the monday just gone but only when tuesday is the day after the day before the second friday in April.

hope that is clear

here i am on the last green hat day


do have a nice day

Also on this date Sunday, January 15, 2023...