Family Day - A Day to Eat Dinner With Your Kids 2022 is on Friday, September 23, 2022: A Day to Eat Dinner With Your Kids - why did kidsteens in the olden days eat dinner with their parents?

Friday, September 23, 2022 is Family Day - A Day to Eat Dinner With Your Kids 2022. Dietitians Online Blog: September 23, 2013 Family Dinner Day The ... Resources: Family Day Parent

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why did kids/teens in the olden days eat dinner with their parents?

Dude! Most of your questions are either complaining about the "olden" days, or complaining about how people think it is wrong to have sex!

First off, emotionally, it is better to eat with your parents. You get to be a member of your family and learn about it. Talking to them isn't "uncool". Let me guess, you are one of the kids who thinks their parents are over protective and unfair. Maybe if you were at the dinner table, you could be a part of the decision making process in the house- but no! It's "uncool" so guess what?! You just have to deal with the rules they make and not have any say because you are to busy to talk to them.

As far as your diet- YOU ARE WAYYYY UNHEALTHY! Eating like that won't give you much energy at all. It also lacks many vitamins and minerals. Do you also know not eating breakfast can make you gain weight? Yeah, because eating in the morning speeds up your metabolism for the rest of the day.

Finally, a lot of you habits are unhealthy. You routinely say on Y!A how you "love sex". And it's "just sex". When you sleep with the wrong person, it's not going to be "just sex". You never say how in love you are, or your boyfriend's name, or anything about one person! If you are having sex with numerous people, that can lead to serious problems. Also, you saying in your answer to my question about going on the pill at 12, is really sick. That can have serious risks because your hormones are not fully developed yet.

You are just shortening your life. Have some respect for yourself.

Why did kids/teens in the olden days eat dinner with their parents?

Why did kids/teens in the olden days eat dinner with their parents?

probably because family actually had values back in those days ... Have fun getting fat and having health problems!

Family themed nights?

Family themed nights?

Family Night Ideas

Make Dinner Time Fun

Make family nights special by starting off with a great meal. Add some fun to your family meals by playing family dinner games. Games add fun to the family dinner, open up family conversation, breakup the monotony of family dinner, and encourage children to eat their vegetables and drink their milk!

Family Game Night

Games are a great way to bring the family together as well as teach children how to be good winners and losers. Why not try to set aside one night a week or month as family game night. Some games you might want to try are Family Fun Cranium and Whoonu.

Create a Family Cookbook

Create a family cookbook by asking family members to send you copies of their favorite recipes. After the family cookbooks have been completed, you can give them as gifts on birthday's, Mother's Day, or at Christmas or Hanukkah.

Make a Family Mailbox

Kids love getting mail and as long as the mail isn't bills, parents love mail too. Add some zip to your family communications by creating a family mailbox. Great for leaving messages of encouragement, love, and support for fellow family members.

American Idol

Do you have a family that loves to sing and dance? Then try holding your own American Idol show. Pick one or two family members to be the judges and let the rest compete to see who is the next American Idol. To make the show more real, you may want to try using a Karaoke Machine or Microphone.


Acting more your style? Then try a fun game of Charades. Simply makeup charade ideas and write on a piece of paper. Divide the family into teams and act away.

Dinner and a Movie

Love to cook? Then try spending an evening whipping up one of your favorite meals together and finishing up with dessert and a movie. Give each family member a job in the meal preparation, so that everyone is included. Need some suggestions for easy and quick family meals? Then check out FamilyFun's Cookbook or FamilyFun Recipe Finder. Also check out,, or Common Sense Media for a quick and easy way to check the appropriateness of a movie for young eyes.

Family Video and Picture Night

Similar to our dinner and movie night, but rather than watch Hollywood movies, why not spend an evening watching old family videos or leafing through family photos. Kids love to see themselves when they were babies or reminiscing about last years family vacation. Also, don't forget your wedding video. Kids really get a kick out of watching their parents tie the knot.

Hiking, Biking, and Exploring

How about an adventure into the outdoors? Take advantage of some of the great national parks and hiking trails and spend your day hiking, exploring, and picnicking.

Family Totem Pole

If you enjoy the outdoors, why not try making a family totem pole. Using items you collect on your next nature or hiking trip in addition to other supplies you might have around the home, create a totem pole that represents the family. Make sure every family member is represented.

Volunteer Together as a Family

Why not spend your family time helping others in need? Working together as a family to help others in need can be an incredibly powerful way of building family bonds and developing a great sense of pride and fulfillment in all family members. Visit our Family Giving section for great ideas on how to give to others in need.

Family Banner

Making a family banner is a fun way for everyone to express themselves and gives the family something to display and look at everyday.

Dinner with Mom and Dad

Finding quality one on one time with each child can be very difficult. One way of fitting this quality time in is to plan a special breakfast or dinner out with each child either once a week or once a month. Get a sitter for the other children and just take one child at a time. This will give each child the opportunity to spend just with you and feel special at the same time.

Surprise Lunch

Why not surprise your child for lunch one day at school? If your school allows it, join the child for lunch in the cafeteria or better yet pack a quick picnic lunch to share at a nearby park. Don't tell them ahead of time you are coming. This makes the lunch all the more special.

Cousins Camp

If you are like many families, cousins often don't live close enough to one another to see each other on a regular basis. To foster the family ties, and keep cousins close, try organizing a cousins camp where the cousins get together either at one of the anut/uncle's home or even better at Grandma and Grandad's for a few days of fun.

Family Newsletter

Give your family communication a whole new twist with a Family Newsletter. They are fun, educational, and more importantly a great way to keep families connected.

Backyard Campouts

Backyard camp outs are a great way to get the camping experience without the hassle of packing. Pitch yo

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