Checkers Day 2023 is on Saturday, September 23, 2023: If Reagan played checkers with Chachi from Happy Days?

Saturday, September 23, 2023 is Checkers Day 2023. Checkers day/Dogs in politics day The Checkers Day is a day to

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Checkers Day

Checkers Day does not have anything related to the most popular game rather, it remember the famous ‘checkers‘ speech produced by Richard M. Nixon in 1952. Still, that’s no reason not to possess a game title or a couple of checkers – and you’ll most likely convey more fun anyway.

If Reagan played checkers with Chachi from Happy Days?

Reagan died of Alzheimer's. I firmly believe that he was suffering from it when he was President. I actually admired the guy, but he was still a lousy policymaker.

At any rate, he was a hell of a lot better President than either of those Bush dolts.

As for the checkers - Chachi would win; Reagan would've fell asleep after three or four moves.

How has the checkers game changed today?

How has the checkers game changed today?


Checkers was super famous when I was a kid, I used to play it almost all the time on rainy days,

These days the people I hang around mostly work mates, they usually talk about dramas and how stupid people are,

Thats why I hang around my manager and the people downstairs they cracks jokes up almost all the time some sometimes dirty jokes lol

I miss the good checkers days, short simple and FUN!!!!

How many days after intercourse a pregnancy can be detected by Quick Checker?

How many days after intercourse a pregnancy can be detected by Quick Checker?

after intercourse...? It would have to be how many days after conception... it takes approx 8-10 days for the fertilized egg to implant after conception and that is when the HCG (the hormone the test would look for) would start... so about 5 days before a missed period with the new urine tests (only if enough HCG is present) and a little sooner with a blood test

Also on this date Saturday, September 23, 2023...
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