Dress Up Your Pet Day 2025 is on Tuesday, January 14, 2025: LGBT: Do you have any pets?

Tuesday, January 14, 2025 is Dress Up Your Pet Day 2025. January 14, NATIONAL DRESS UP YOUR PET DAY 2014 National-Dress-Up-Your-Pet-Day

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Dress Up Your Pet Day

Decorate Your Pet Day is definitely an chance to wow the neighbours, and also to release the interior diva of the favourite pooch or Persian… Why don't you go that step further, and obtain the small guy or woman something to fit your finest glad rags – that method for you to both dress to thrill and extremely set some trends!

LGBT: Do you have any pets?

i have 7 pets. hold on, i'll post links to pics of them. ^_^

this is my littlest cat, Gandolf. he's grown more since this pic, but ti's an adorable picture of him

and i'll be back in a sec, i gotta potty... *does the peepee dance*

okay, i'm good now, and all dressed too. lol

ok, this is my bunny, Turtle. (yes, the bunny's name is Turtle. ^_^)

This is my second youngest(but he's the biggest) cat, Snow(to be fair, i thought he was female when i got him, so he has a femme name cause he wouldn't let me change it)

this is Bandit, he's my big doggie. he's about as tall as i am....

this is my puppy ryuk, he's still a puppy to me, even though he's close to full grown

and, i cna't find one ive uploaded of the other cats, Baby and Kupcake. i have tons of baby, her eyes change colors when i take her pic, but kupcake is hard to get a good one of cause he hates me.... lol. i need to upload some of them...

oh, and other animals are:

my neighbor's dog Casey(we petsit him often)

a bunch of strays around here, they all like to go in our back yard and play with bandit and ryuk

my nanny's 3 dogs, doodle(is u go through the photostream, there's a pic of her), KD(she looks like Ryuk) and woah, i just forgot her name... oh, Heidi. lol

and my cousin has 3 as well, tara, sarah, and smokey(he's a wiener dog, and tara's Ryuk's mommy)

and when i was little i had another cat, sneaky. she was grey(lighter than gandolf is) and really smart. she'd play hide and seek with us and turn the lights off and on

and we had other dogs at nanny's. i can't recall all their names(we lived in an apartment at the time, no dogs. :<)

and Grandpa used to have a ton of fish!!

and at one time i had a hamster, Nibbles. he was light brown, but i was small and got sick of him, so we gave him to another family. i want a hamster again now....

Nanny (used to) raise bunnies for a living(someone gave her a sick one and before she could do anything it has spread to them all, so she only has a few left)

and i've had turtles before, but don't really remember them...

oh, and once nanny had a goat. it ran away though

and turkeys and hens and chickens, but i hated the turkeys cause one attacked me and i still have a scar from it.

we've had little baby ducks and stuff that were died different colors

and guninie pigs too. (i can't spell gwquinnie pig....)

i wnat some rats...

oh, my friend use to have an iguana. ^_^

lmao. i LOVE animals in case u can't tell. ^_^

We’ve got a fancy dress day at school on friday, I don’t know what to go as! Any ideas?!?

We've got a fancy dress day at school on friday, I don't know what to go as! Any ideas?!?

A hot bunny dress

OMG I LUV THIS IDEA: A modern princess

A witch

your favorite character from a book and/or movie

Your favorite fashion designer

A famous person for whatever sport/activity you do/play

A she-devil! Wear a short dress (that follows the dress code) with red sequins, shirt straps the look like a Y, smexy high-heels, BRIGHT red lipstick, and devil horns! OMG I LUV IT.

Your best friend! (lolz, but u can do that)

ANYTHING that makes u smexy, is perfect! Ooh! Here are some other ideas:



Your Pet

a puppy

and A Polar Bear

It depends on the weather. If it is cold wherever you are, be like a polar bear with lots of faux white fur around you, you'll look cute! If it is warm, be like The She-Devil.

Sorry If I was obnoxious. I love fashion it is my hobby. Lolz!

Hope this helped!!


Why do people insist on wearing dress clothes on Sunday morning?

Why do people insist on wearing dress clothes on Sunday morning?

This is an old pet peeve of mine - dressing up for church.

I'm a grown woman (mid 40s) and I've always felt there was too much emphasis on dressing up for church. My best experience of church to this day was back in college. All we wore were jeans, t-shirts, sweats - shorts, tanks and sandals when the weather was warm.

People who like the idea of dressing up usually say or think something like this... Its a sign of respect. If God is special to you and the time of worship is special then you should dress the part.

Frankly, I think there are dozens of other things more important for a church community to be concerned with. I think that people with the money to dress "well" should consider how their spending habits effect others - are there others in need that could be helped with that money? Could we stand in solidarity with the poor through our clothing choices?

The response might be - but we're giving people work. People who make the clothes and sell the clothes. My response: is that a job you would want your child to aspire to? If not, then why should any other child of God aspire to those jobs?

Thanks for giving me a chance to rant a little. I think I get where you're coming from. Hopefully, you're not down on church, just the crazy ideas that adults sometimes have about things. Hang in there. In a few years (or whenever you're "adult") you'll be able to make your own choices and back them up with a mature and reasoned response.

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