Organize Your Home Day 2023 is on Saturday, January 14, 2023: how to get motivation to declutter and organize my house?

Saturday, January 14, 2023 is Organize Your Home Day 2023. Too Much Clutter ? - Simple Steps to Clear Up Your Life‎ Make Room for What You Really Want

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Organize Your Home Day

All of us find it hard to keep our houses tidy and organised, and it is oh very easy to help keep postponing tasks have a tendency to appear to want an excessive amount of time and effort than we love them to commit to them.Enter Organise Your House Day, the right opportunity to quit making excuses for just one day, get lower to business and obtain your house back to shape! Put anything else aside for any couple of hrs and obtain to task on all individuals little worrying things and DIY jobs which have been pleading to become finished for several weeks now. Get the buddies and family involved which help one another to get everything done faster making your day more enjoyable. You'll be surprised what you can have completed, and just how much difference giving your house just a little TLC could make for your existence.

how to get motivation to declutter and organize my house?

Hi. Let me tell you about my home. I married for 20 years and lived in the same home for 15 of those years. My wife passed away early last year after battling Leukemia for 2 years. I had to clean our home before I could go back and start over. I have a15 year old son who is still at home also.

I won't say our home was messy, but it was cluttered after 2 years of being without my wife's touch.

Here is how I cleaned up.

1. Find a place or someone to watch the kids for a day or 2. Friends or relatives.

2. Get cleaning supplies.

Trash bags.

Lysol and Pine sol.

Bath tub and toilet scrub.

Furniture polish.

Dish soap and detergent.

Get a NEW mop and broom.

Check the vacuum cleaner belt and bag.

Laundry soap.

Check your carpets. Do you need to make an appointment with the carpet cleaners service? Make one in advance. This IS good motivation to help you concentrate on the task at hand.

Now you are READY.

2. You are going to start in the BACK of your home. The bed rooms.

Get the dirty laundry from the rooms. SORT it and pile it for wash.

Check under the beds and in the closets.

Check the bath room(s) . Get ALL of the dirty laundry together. Place it in the living room.

Now the kids' room(s).

Toys. have a trash bag handy. Get rid of all of the broken toys. Toys with missing parts. Toys that are no longer played with or are not age appropriate for your kids.

Your room. Look under your bed ad in Your closet. Get rid of all of those shoes and shirts that you no longer wear. Out of style date or they don't fit. Bag and Trash.

Get Everything OFF of the floor.

Make your beds. Clean sheets etc.

Now the Bath room(s). First clean and wipe down everything. Then Deep clean th showers and toilets.

Scrub the shower walls and then the floors.

Store all the med(s) and get rid of empty containers.

Hang fresh towels and wash cloths.

Put a new can of air freshener in the bath room too.

If you are like me you have a nook in your bed room that you use to pay your bills and collect mail.

Get a plastic Storge tub to store it in. Keep out only what is Current and Due this month.

place it NEATLY on the dresser.

Now move to the center of your home. The kitchen.

Load the dish washer and start a load. If you have pots and pans to wash. do them now.

Then dry and store them properly.

Clean the counter tops and use bleach to sanitize after.

Do you want to get deep clean on the kitchen?

Then take down all the dishes and put in new cabinet paper and spray for roaches. Wash out the cabinets with Lysol or Pine Sol. Clean out the refrigerator.

Mop the kitchen floor with Pine Sol and then sanitize with bleach.

Kitchen is done. Make a pot of tea. Now you are ready to get into the Heavy stuff.

Start the laundry. Whites first. You already sorted it.

The dining room is the next place t clean. wipe down the chairs and table and sanitize them.

Then move the laundry to the dining room so you can work in the living room.

Dust the TV off. The computer too. Get some Fe breeze for the furniture to get rid of the pet odors.

With everything off of the floors you are now ready to vacuum. Start in the back of the house and work to the front.

You most likely will have several bags of trash to take out. while you work just set them out the front door until you finish.

Have a glass of ice tea while you work.

Have a lite lunch. cheese sandwich and tea. No chips or junk foods.

As the first load of laundry is finishing the dryer, you should have the washer ready to empty. into the dryer.

Fold and put away the clothes they come out of the dryer.

Do you need to iron? set up in the dining room. Not the living room. The temptation to watch TV will be too great. Listen to some good motivating music instead. I like AC DC.

Oncethe wash is done and put away you are finished for the day.

Is there more? The carpet cleaners coming? You should be on schedule for them. if the day is almost over then get the trash out to the trash can or the curb for pick up.

How does the yard look?

Organizing my home help?

Organizing my home help?

I definitely understand what you mean, I too was raised in a messy cluttered house. SO now I have a bit of trouble too.

I used to do the same thing you do now, the once a month major cleaning!

Now, what I do is I make chores for everyone in the house (except the baby, lol). I have the kitchen, with the exception of everyone washing the dishes they used, my hubby has the living room, which he mess's up everyday. He also takes out the garbage, about every two days.

After every shower/bath, that person cleans the shower, like takes the hair out of the drain and whatnot.

Then we both work on laundry and the bedroom together.

As for organizing, I would recommend, if you don't have much money, take some small moving boxes and put similar out of place items in them and label the box, then put it where those items belong. Just don not wait too long to put them in their place, or they will never get out of the box!! :)

Also make use of the storage you have, like under the bed where you can put out of season clothes, the top of the cupboards in the kitchen where small appliances can be put like the toaster. Under the kitchen sink, plastic shopping bags, cleaners garbage bags, laundry soaps, and anything else. Your closets are a great place for hiding a ton of stuff, just make sure its organized to a point where when you take something out a bunch of stuff wont fall on you.

Next time your out shopping, pick up some color coded baskets with little places for a label, for more organization. A nice steel chef's rack for the kitchen can be wonderful for storage or a pantry! At walmart they have a laundry organizer, its a plastic thingy that holds three laundry bags two blue and one white. This can be very useful for organizing laundry, your and his are separate and so are the whites.!!

I hope you found some of this useful!

Good Luck, and its will take two not just you!!!!

Help organising home office?!?

Help organising home office?!?

Hi aussiegirly

Congrats on your flourishing business. You have quite task before you.

My first thought for you to relieve some of your stress was to employee a part time sitter to help you with your children. Perhaps even a Senior Citizen is available free of charge to lend a hand. Check with Elder Housing. This allows you better focus with your students. Though it may cost you some monies,the payoff may be worth it. The Seniors may offer for free of charge? Being that one of your children is merely 18 months, you really do need an extra pair of hands. Check with your local Red Cross or church for any volunteers that they may know of as well. Be mindful to acquire of any background checks that you can have made available to you regards to who will watch your children.

My regrets for the loss of the children's father.

You are off to a good start in your design already by having a task area. This is how you will want to approach the needs. Placing the desk to face into the room, not against a wall.

Next have a small area to the side that is at this time a play area for your children. Partion this area off by using a low file cabinet system ( 2 draw ) or open shelf free standing.Bins and Baskets for storage. Use of hanging Lamps helps to save floor space. Keep a supply of your children's play toys in bins baskets or similar to keep them organized. Change them out every month so the kids will not get easily bored. Possibly acquire or purchase a small refrigerator for snacks and drinks. Use of Wall mirrors will allow for you to have 'eyes behind your head' ( that's what my mom called it ) provides you the ability to see around the room what is going on behind you :o)

Streamline your business approach with the use of a Lap Top. For book keeping, Schedules, all important data regards tot he business. Check with Quicken online to see if they have a program that is helpful to you.

Make time for yourself too. Schedule a much needed rest time each day be it an hour or less you need to refuel both mentally emotionally and physically.

Use scents to assist in creating the atmosphere as well. Use of color painted walls in light Green ( thinking Sage ) helps focus.

Cook Ahead for the week: Plan your meals ahead, make casseroles. They save money and are less time consuming than cooking each day.

Bedtime rituals: everynight the kids are to bed at the same time. ( you get a rest time before your bedtime )

12 month Plan: during the next 12 months prior to yu acquiring the much needed space start writing a Journal of all that you will need. Edit the list frequently.

Creat a Budget: For both Family and Business. Tweek them as necessary.

Seek advise from Woman Organizations, Business Owners that can help you. You may experience some pitfalls but lessen the impact is always a good thing. Listen and Learn Learn and listen it allgoes hand in hand.

You have a tremendous Life challenge ahead, but to me you are already moving forward at a great momentum. You have already begun to set your own stage for success! I wish you all the best ~

If all else fails try try and try again.

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