Caesarean Section Day 2023 is on Saturday, January 14, 2023: Normal delievery or caesarean sectionWhich is better?

Saturday, January 14, 2023 is Caesarean Section Day 2023. Jan. 14, 1794: First Successful Cesarean in U.S. Cesarean in U.S.

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Normal delievery or caesarean section..Which is better?

there is a reason why C-sections are only used if medically needed! Vaginal delivery is the best way to go, it the way the body is supposed to deliver, when everything is ok, and the healing time after delivery is only a couple of hours. You will have discomfort during the labor, but after delivery, no more discomfort at all, and u can enjoy ur baby fully. With a c-section, like I mentioned are only done when medically necessary, (when vaginal labor is not possible, due to not dialating, complications during pregnancy, baby is breech, and things like that) the healing time after a C-section is a lot longer than with a vaginal delivery, u will be in pain after a c-section, not being able to get up and walk around, which will make u miserable, specially with a newbor, lots of pain medication, and a big cut in your lower stomach. so ask urself, which will u rather have, a few hours of painful labor, (if u dont get the epidural) or a few days of pain recovering from a c-section?

Cost of private caesarean section in Australia without private health cover?

Cost of private caesarean section in Australia without private health cover?

If the c-section is medically suggested or required, even without private health, it should be covered under medicare, and not cost you a cent.

However if the c-section is elective for non-medical/cosmetic purposes, you can be billed up to 5000 dollars and beyond, depending on if any complications result from it and what drugs.anesthetic is required during and after the procedure, not too mention the extra days stay in hospital.

Caesarean Sections are usually done earlier in morning?

Caesarean Sections are usually done earlier in morning?

I think it is normal for scheduled C-sections to be performed some time in the morning because the mother will have to undergo anesthesia, and therefore will have to fast before the surgery. (I remember my sister-in-law, who had a C-section, complaining about hunger. Her surgery got postponed until about 1:00 p.m. due to emergency C-sections taking priority that same morning). I don't see how a woman who has a C-section gets more time to bond with her baby, as C-sections or vaginal deliveries can take place any time of day. No matter how a baby is born, the child may or may not be with the mother right away depending on how the delivery went. Most hospitals try to have the baby in a parent's arms or at least near the parent(s) within an hour of birth, especially if the mother breastfeeds.

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