Clean Air Month on May, 2024: Musty smell coming from air conditioner after cleaning filter?

May, 2024 is Clean Air Month 2024. askHRgreen. Clean Air Month

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Musty smell coming from air conditioner after cleaning filter?

Have your air conditioner cleaned by the air con specialists atleast every 5 months. They will know what to do about it.

Plants that dont need sunlight & Cleans the air?

Plants that dont need sunlight & Cleans the air?

Good afternoon Trekerdude,

I hope you are enjoying the New Year. I cannot believe how popular indoor plants are becoming. I just answered another question on indoor plants a few days ago.

Some of the plants in my house are over twenty (20) years old and over six feet tall. I have a lot of indoor plants, but I also believe they should earn/pay for their keep (smile). All my plants create/filter clean air within my house. With this in mind and your requirements from your question, I recommend the Janet Craig (dracaena).

The Janet Craig (dracaena) is one of my favorite indoor plants. It is VERY easy to grow. Janet Craig scored best in its class for removing Formaldehyde which is used in new carpets and pressed woods used for making furniture. It also did well for removing cigarette smoke (placed fifth) and other irritates which affects the mucous membranes of the eyes, nose, and throat.

The first website is a study by NASA. It rates the best plants against cleaning indoor house air. Click on the “Janet Craig (dracaena)” which is located half way down the website on the left side under “Top 10 plants most effective in removing:” This will lead you to the picture of a Janet Craig and a short description. Please note its ability to grow in low lighted conditions as you request. Also note, right above picture, they talk about the “Compacta Variety” if the Janet Craig is too large.

The second website is for plants that also clean the air. Again, note the Janet Craig scored high in Benzene type pollutants, which are very common in the air, and cigarette smoke.

If you decide to go with the Janet Craig, keep the third website in your favorites for future reference. The third website is from the University of Florida. This website will give you everything you need to know (I do mean everything) about the Dracaena family of indoor plants.

TIPS ABOUT INDOOR PLANTS: #1. Use distilled water. Fluoride in your water can build up and damage your indoor plants in the long run. All indoor plants can become unhealthy and develop root rot, fungi, viruses, insects, and sometimes die due to fluoride toxicity.

TIP#2. Water with an Epsom salt solution once every two (2) months after your plant is six (6) months old. Follow mixing directions as stated in website. You can follow their watering schedule after your plant is two (2) years old.

TIP#3. Most people do well with house plants for about two (2) years. The second year things go wrong. A gardener can fertilize, introduce nutrients, water, and sing to your plants. All these things will do NO good until you learn the correct pH levels for the plant you are trying to grow. Each plant’s pH level is difference. Good pH levels will yield DISEASE FREE and insect free healthy plants you can be proud of.

After your first year, I strongly advise you to head to Home Depot and buy a pH Soil Testing Meter. The meter is about ten ($10) dollars. The meters are very easy to use. The meter will last you for YEARS. They do not need batteries or electrical plugs. The meter will also test minerals (nitrogen) in your soil. You can also purchase a meter from two of my favorite websites below. Please read both websites. They explain pH levels and why it is so important to every plant. I prefer the meters over the kits because you can use them over and over for years.

Janet Craig (Dracaena) likes a pH soil level of 6.5. If your soil’s pH level moves above 7.0, your plant may develop deficiencies in iron, magnesium, and potassium.

TIP#4: The NASA researchers also recommend/suggest you use one (1) plant per 100 square feet or 10x10 ft. room to get maximum effective.

I enjoy passing on my knowledge of indoor plants, because gardeners spend too much time and money just to lose a houseplant after a year or two and never know why.

You and your family have a beautiful New Year. Peace, from Los Angeles.

Is it ok to clean stock air filter in a 2007 civic?

Is it ok to clean stock air filter in a 2007 civic?

If you are looking to clean this filter every 6 months, then it is just as easy and more economical to buy a new one. You will never get an old air filter 100% clean and if you are hoping to increase your mpg, then just replace the air filter every 6 months, more often because you live in a dry dusty area. Cleaning and vacuuming the filter every few weeks will help to prolong the life of the car and the filter, but always keep a spare new filter on hand in case you perorate the used one when you are cleaning it.

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