Biodiesel Day 2023 is on Saturday, March 18, 2023: what is jatrofa biodiesel?

Saturday, March 18, 2023 is Biodiesel Day 2023. Biodiesel Magazine - The Latest News and Data About Biodiesel ... celebrate Biodiesel Day.

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Biodiesel Day

Celebrate the birth of Rudolph Diesel and the vision of utilizing vegetable oil as fuel on Biodiesel Day by switching to biodiesel fuel and energy.

what is jatrofa biodiesel?

Honestly i don't know .. and you didn't give any specifications ???

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if one day our biodiesel is running out, what other alternative energy or source that we can use?

if one day our biodiesel is running out, what other alternative energy or source that we can use?

One of the main problems you'll eventually find with biodiesel is that farmers will stop growing food crops so they can grow more profitable crops which will be used for biodiesel. A case in point (although not biodiesel, but ethanol) happened this past summer when the price of corn shot up due to the massive amounts of corn being used in the production of ethanol... This actually caused protests in Mexico, because the price of the corn tortillas went up...

The best option we have for an alternative energy source is solar, because it's a free source of energy. Unfortunately, we humans haven't figured out how to perfect the generation of energy from the rays of the sun.

Oh, one other thing about biodiesel: The energy balance needs to be such that LESS energy is consumed to produce the biodiesel, than the energy which will be produced by the biodiesel. Otherwise, it's a ridiculous option. It would make absolutely no sense to burn five gallons worth of diesel, to produce four gallons of diesel...



Jatropha being a tropical plant, you can grow it any where in India. It requires minimum water and almost zero maintenance. It is already being mixed with regular diesel and petrol in India, for past one year. In the beginning it was at 10%, now gradually increased to 15%. It has made mandatory for all "Bharat III " stage vehicles.

The seeds and saplings are available at all Horticulture department of respective states at a discounted price, in some states at free. You approach your nearest Horticulture department Officials and a visit to their nursery.

They have prepared a booklet, which explains all the details, from procuring saplings to extraction. Including the manufacturers of required plants, like digester. etc.,

As the cost of fossilised fuels are going up, the government is encouraging, the use of Bio supplements, apart from its Eco friendly nature. Presently there is very big gap between the supply and demand. As every day thousands of vehicle are being added, just imagine the total fuel consumption, and accordingly the requirement of Jatropha.

You are also eligible for subsidy both from State and Central. The Banks also lend you money at a very low interest rate ( in Karnataka it is 4% PA ). You can also get get other benefits under Unemployed Graduate, back word area development, etc., I appriciate your interest. Good luck.

Also on this date Saturday, March 18, 2023...