Forgive Mom & Dad Day 2023 is on Saturday, March 18, 2023: I hate my dad so much, help?

Saturday, March 18, 2023 is Forgive Mom & Dad Day 2023. Forgive Mom and Dad Day - March 18 Forgive Mom and Dad Day

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Forgive Mom & Dad Day

Parenting is an enormously difficult activity and although some moms and dads are much better than others, none are perfect. Forgive Mom & Dad Day offers an excellent chance to let go of past harms and frustrations, to allow well-meaning yet unsatisfactory moms and dads off the hook, and to locate liberty from bothersome bitterness. Forgiving opens the door to a better future.

As children make every effort to become autonomous young people, and parents attempt to adjust to the changes, there is sufficient space for debates, misconceptions and heavily wounded feelings. Forgive Mom & Dad Day encourages approval. Approve that moms and dads are human and efficient in making errors. Approve that parenting is done without a manual; parents should do the very best they could with the sources they have. Approve and understand that letting go of bitterness advantages both moms and dads and children, and brings about greater health and wellness, happiness and wellness.

I hate my dad so much, help?

I know how it feels to hate your dad.. I've been in the same situation. If he gets mad a lot for nothing try to figure out what makes him happy and what you too have in common. I know it's going to be hard but you have to forgive him for what he did to your mom and by doing that you will be able to talk to him about what he's doing now to her. I said forgive not forget ! If he cheats on his new wife well that can you do I'm sure she knows what he did in his past so she took on that chance. You can try to look out for her but she's grown

I think I have ADHD help?

I think I have ADHD help?

It's very very hard losing a dad, I've been there. I'm sorry to hear you had to experience it so young.

Please try to do your homework the way he would want you to, you know he would want you to work hard and succeed. Forgive yourself when you get distracted, just get straight back to work. Ask God, your heavenly Father, to help you each day

If you wish to see a doctor about your ability to concentrate, it may be worthwhile, or talk to a teacher you get along with.

what to do about sexual abuse?

what to do about sexual abuse?

Well, this isn't sexual abuse, it seems like he only touched you once, you should've talked to your dad about it too, or called 911, you need to go into therapy with your mother and get this straightened out, a strong bond between mother and daughter is needed greatly, as this example shows.

Think of this scenario:

2 years later, your married, you have kids, but your kids don't have a grandma because his parents died, and your dad died, and you and your mother aren't close.

It sucks, I only have 1 Grandma.

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