Awkward Moments Day 2024 is on Monday, March 18, 2024: AWKWARD MOMENT HELP!?

Monday, March 18, 2024 is Awkward Moments Day 2024. First Annual National Awkward Moments Day ... Awkward Moments Day).

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Awkward Moments Day

Awkward moments happen constantly, and also to some people greater than others! For anybody who’s ever wanted the floor would open and swallow them, Awkward Moments Day is a meeting of awkward moments. From walking from a public toilet with loo roll on the shoe, to understanding you have been talking with someone everyday for any year, out on another know their title, existence is filled with these moments. However, there isn’t many details concerning the roots of Awkward Moments Day, lots of people have said how interesting it's that Awkward Moments Day is the next day of St Patrick’s day! Awkward Moments Day can boast a mascot though, the awkward turtle.So, contrary awkward happens on Awkward Moments Day, make sure to begin to see the humour, from the situation, and also have a good laugh about this, before moving onto the next!


Not awkward at all. He's a guy, and its Valentines Day. Don’t make Valentines Day what its not, and don’t make it more difficult than it needs to be. Its not his birthday, its not Christmas, he doesn't want a gift. He wants sex... some special, not-what-he-gets-everyday sex. And I bet you know exactly what that means. That's what Valentines Day is all about. He does something sweet and romantic for you, you do something sexy and filthy for him.

What’s your awkward moment of the day?

What's your awkward moment of the day?


Well I'm home sick today, I haven't had an awkward moment.

But I'll tell you the first that came to mind, haha.

So this was the beginning of geography class...

*Teacher walks in*

Random kid in class: "Hey sir, what's up?"

Teacher: "My nipples. It's freezing in here."

Class: ...

And your Awkward Moment of the day is...?

And your Awkward Moment of the day is...?

LOL! Im sorry but that's funny. :) But i would find it awkward if that happened to me.

Well i went to the store to get some groceries(this was this last weekend). Well i was loading them in my back seat and well my butt crack was showing. But i didn't worry much cause there was a car parked right behind me so no one could see. Well i got done and turned around and well there was an elderly couple laughing inside the car and i got in my car and drove off. :(

Also on this date Monday, March 18, 2024...
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