World Water Day 2021 is on Monday, March 22, 2021: Is today World Water Day ?


Monday, March 22, 2021 is World Water Day 2021. World Water Day 2013 Gorta marks International World Water Day annually on March 22nd

World Water Day

It’s an unfortunate but true proven fact that 783 million people all over the world still do not need water that is clean. Over 2.5 million people still don't have proper use of sufficient sanitation facilities. This sad insufficient such fundamental human needs is really a tragedy that individuals all over the world are trying to find to redress.This is why the Un provides World Water Day – each day where individuals can concentrate on the many different ways regular people can get involved with helping people reclaim some dignity, and enhance their lengthy-term health through use of neat and safe water. Other water issues for example safeguarding marine eco-systems will also be outlined each year about this day. We want our water in most its forms!Water is really a precious commodity that lots of ignore. World Water Day is an opportunity to consider individuals people and places where water needs continue to be vital, and aim to interact to locate a solution.

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Is today World Water Day ?

It is. Happy Water Day!

Do the Disney World water parks clear out early on days with extra magic hours in the morning?

Do the Disney World water parks clear out early on days with extra magic hours in the morning?

I'd advise to just go to the water park as early in the day, no matter which day you go. We have always stayed on Disney property but we have been turned away if we arrive at a water park mid-morning during August. I'd rather get there early, and expect to leave early. We don't bring much with us - just a towel, sunscreen, and T-shirts. We don't bother with food, drink, scouting out chairs, etc. because of the volume of people. I've seen them trample each other when the parks first open diving for that "perfect" chair in a location where they want to park their stuff. I've also seen those same chairs taken by other people when the first group decides they want to swim. It's much easier just to walk around - sit where you can when you want to rest - go on the lazy river rides - just put your towel in a locker or, even better, leave it around your neck - you will dry almost instantly in the hot Florida sun, anyway.

Assuming you have a park hopper pass that includes water park access (and you aren't paying for a single-day admission to the water park) there is no financial impact on just going to the park for awhile.

Look at the day's weather forecast before you make the decision to go to Blizzard Beach or Typhoon Lagoon. Since thunder showers are abundant in the summer, the parks may have to temporarily close due to lightening. You will also see people running for their lives at the sign of rain, as they feel a need to take cover from water that falls from the sky even though they are already wet from pool water.

I have not yet experienced a water park on an extra magic hours morning. I suspect that if it is the only park offering early hours, it will be more crowded than usual. If they also offer a theme park the same day with extra magic hours then I'll bet more people will be at the theme park. That information can be obtained on the Disney website (exactly which parks are opened early and late on the days you will visit.)

Tips - bring your own ponchos, sunscreen, and umbrellas, and wear waterproof shoes and light clothing that will dry in case of rain.

22nd March,2010.To-day is World Water Day.What is your opinion on this vital topic?

22nd March,2010.To-day is World Water Day.What is your opinion on this vital topic?


It's great to see so many people getting involved with world water day.

The United Nations estimates that 1.1 billion people worldwide rely on unsafe drinking-water sources. Poor water conditions and limited access cause untold problems for an African family: disease; malnutrition; unsanitary conditions; and poor crop growth to name just a few. So it is no surprise that this year’s Water Day focuses on ‘Clean Water for a Healthy World’.

I work at Send a Cow and we are currently running a campaign to train farmers in water harvesting techniques which will enable them to grow nutritious crops throughout the year.

Jess at Send a Cow


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