International Goof-off Day 2021 is on Monday, March 22, 2021: off Day - make up a holiday. i really need help, its a project due thursday!?


Monday, March 22, 2021 is International Goof-off Day 2021. 32393.jpg 32393.jpg

make up a holiday. i really need help, its a project due thursday!?

Food day - celebrate different kinds of food!

day off from school day....

word day - celebrate certain words or maybe the alphabet or something...


make up a day thats all about u and thing u like 2 do...

sounds easy. i wish i had that project... i could just goof off doing random things until something hits me...because this project can b about anything...

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any AMAZING love stories, please?

any AMAZING love stories, please?

Dont know if you will think it's amazing but to me it's the most amazing thing that's ever happened to me....

I accidentally met my husband in a yahoo chatroom. I swear im not a pathetic loser and neither is He was in Iraq at the time, he's a soldier...and i was bored on a weeknight just goofing off in a yahoo chatroom ...saying bizarre things to random people to get them all fired up lol...and he took the bait and started exchanging witty comments and movie quotes with me...we soon realized we have a TON in common, he ended up being from the same state as me, we were both born in the same month, we have the same outlook on life, sense of humor & he likes all of the exact same movies and music.

After chatting for hours that first night he begged me for my phone number and I refused...the thought of having a person I met online calling me was just too creepy.... I saw his picture on his profile and he was hot..he also saw my pic and liked the way i looked. He started emailing me these really sweet emails telling me that he really hopes Im the real thing because so many people online are fake and he told me that I'm everything he's looked for in a woman. We started talking online everyday for hours...i was already in love with him but wouldn't admit it because i thought online love was just ridiculous. He even bought a star from the international star registry and named it after me...except instead of my last name he used his last name! soooo sweet. So I finally gave in to his begging and gave him my phone number.

I first told him that I love him on accident!!! When we were talking on the phone, before we hung up I just blurted out "I love you"...I think it was an unconscious mind type thing.... I immediately blurted out, "im sorry im sorry, i didn't mean to say that, are you freaked out?" He started laughing at first then he said all sadly ..."you didn't mean it???" I was silent for a little bit wondering what the heck I should say, then I just told him the truth but I told him that it's too early for us to be saying that and i wont say it anymore..didn't want to scare him. A few days later while I was talking to him he interrupted me while I was telling him a story and said so sincerely, "i love you too" and I could have died, it was the sweetest thing ever. It caught me completely off guard and that was what was so memorable and wonderful about it.

We met online in Aug. and he came back from Iraq that Nov. ..I readily agreed to meet him although I was SOOO nervous at the thought of seeing this man in person. He flew from Kuwait to Germany, Ireland and finally Fort Bragg NC to Lexington KY and got a hotel room there. I talked to him on my cell phone up until the point in which I knocked on the hotel room hands were sweaty and shaky and i was so on edge...but as soon as we saw each other for the first time in person that was it, we fell into each others arms and kissed for what seemed like an eternity....we couldn't believe we were finally holding each other after being in a long distance relationship for so long. After that night we dated for a very short time and then got married. We are now expecting a baby in sept. and I find out if it's a boy or girl on the 24th of this month.

Can I share something with you?

Can I share something with you?

Your parents did what they did because they love you - accept that

I guess they overdid it - no one is perfect

One day you too will be a parent and join us (we – members of the International bad parents association who love our children but seem to mess things up - IBPAWLOCBSTMTU)

i have two lovely children and i came home one day to see my wife had packed out

Try to have a heart-to-heart talk with them

Let them know that you are about to go wild in retaliation to what they did

Tell them how much you love them

Ask them to explain to you why they imprisoned you for so long

There may be some shedding of tears and reconciliation

What would you do if your parent told you that he /she was sexually molested as a child but never told anyone?

Your parents may be in deeper pain than you

This is your opportunity to help them heal and help other people around you

When you help others heal, God heals you too

Going into alcohol will just make you become a bad parent

After living such an unhappy life, do you really want to have unhappy children too in future?

Think about it and avoid drugs, alcohol, smoking, bad friends, etc.

Also on this date Monday, March 22, 2021...