OK Day 2020 is on Monday, March 23, 2020: how many glasses of fruit juice is ok per day?


Monday, March 23, 2020 is OK Day 2020. R U OK reckon 'R U OK? Day' is an

how many glasses of fruit juice is ok per day?

As a rule you can have kidney problem, but depends on the size of the glass. But every one is different. Your system may have adapted to the consumption and for now you are doing well.

But are you doing well? You did write that "you are trying to loose weight".

The best way is to just dilute the juice with water and drink 50% of actual juice that you are consuming and see what happens. Next you can drop it to 1/3 (33%) and ultimately to 1/4 (25%). If you just cut it out then you do need to replace it with same amount of water(0% juice) but still 5-6 glasses of water.

Loosing weight is simple but it takes lot of discipline and will power.

Math is simple.

1. Find your ideal weight for your height, age and body frame, then make that your target.

2. Find the maintenance Calories for the ideal weight for your age and body frame. If that figure is "X" calories per day then your daily calories in-take. For loosing 1 pound per week is "X-500" calories per day.

3. Multiply this "X-500 by 7", this is your weekly calorie in-take.

By going to weekly intake you have some freedom to eat little more at a party occasionally, but keep a good record of the Daily-Cal count and make sure to make up the difference within short period, say a week. Your total in take on any given day must not be less then 1200 calories.

As far as activities goes you are doing fine if you just maintain it at the level that you have mentioned but if you are not satisfied with the weight loss then do little more, in your case do few more minute of running or try and increase the running speed.

Good luck.


Rule of thumb:

1. Almost no active person can put on weight at 1500 calories per day level, if they drink gallon of water and include 30 minutes of walk at good clip.

2. Vegetarian have easier time loosing weight then non veg. So drink a glass of water before main meals, and fill up yourself with vegetable then eat a little meat or fish or eggs, if you are non veg person. Drink some water before every snack. Your stomach just does not know the difference between the food and water, both fills it up just the same, but do not drink more then 1 1/2 gallons of liquids per day.

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are cheat days ok on a diet?

are cheat days ok on a diet?

Here's the skinny on "cheat days" or "free days" on diets...

In general, a cheat day isn't going to hurt your overall goals very much. For example, there are about 170cal per serving of Spaghettios, 1g of fat, and 11g of sugar. There isn't much else that's really GOOD for you, but a can of Spaghettio's is a lot better for you than a double quarter pounder meal from McDonalds (Large coke, Double Quarter Pounder, Large Fry = 1640cal, 72g of fat).

The problem with a cheat day is that you can eat A LOT in one day. Frankly, MOST people should only be eating between 1500-2000cal per day (upper end for men, lower end for women), which totals up to about 10,500-14,000cal per week. To LOSE one pound of fat, you need your INTAKE to be 3,500-4000cal LESS than your actual needs. Intake of 500cal per day LESS than your demand will add up to about 1lb per week loss. 500 cal per day can be cut by eating A LOT less (equivalent to 5 eggs, 5 bananas, or 10pieces of bread per day!), or working out A LOT (equivalent to about 1/2hr of boxing, or 1hr of jogging PER DAY).

So say I want to lose 10lbs, and my dietician and I work out that I need 1,500cal per day just to maintain weight, and we work out a diet to meet that goal. I worked with a personal trainer to develop a workout program that will help me lose 1lb per week, burning an extra 3500cal per week by working out 5 days a week for an hour.

So say I do really good monday through saturday. I worked out every day as hard as I could, and I followed my diet plan down to the letter... Sunday morning when I wake up, I'm 3,000cal in the hole, so my body is chewing up it's own fat to make up the difference. However, I decided that SUNDAY is my cheat day, so I go down to IHOP with the kids and have a GREAT breakfast 2 eggs over easy, hash browns, 2 pancakes, and 3 strips of bacon. Then for lunch, while we're in town, we stop at McDonald's for lunch, where I have a double quarter pounder meal with a coke. Then for supper, I have a beer, a juicy 8oz ribeye steak, mashed potatoes, green beans, with a wedge of chocolate cake for dessert. To look at each meal alone, it doesn't seem like much, but the day added up to over 3,700cal, instead of the 1,500cal I was looking for.

So now instead of eating 10,500cal that week and burning off 3500cal (net intake of 7000), and losing a pound, I ended up eating 12,700cal (net intake of 9200), so all of my hard work that SHOULD have lost a pound off of my gut, ended up only putting me about 1/4lb down.

Instead of losing 1lb in ONE week, that'll leave me losing 1lb in ONE MONTH!!

So yes, a LITTLE cheating on one day is ok. Cheating on one MEAL is a better practice. Or, you can just balance out your "cheating" by making up for them in advance. For example, I know I'm taking the wife out for a date on Friday night, so I'm eating a little less at supper each night to make up for the dessert I know we'll have that night, and working out a little longer each day at the gym. Basically my "cheating" isn't really "cheating", it's just calories that I built into the weekly plan and have to prepare for.

Has it been an OK day so far?

Has it been an OK day so far?

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