Near Miss Day 2020 is on Monday, March 23, 2020: Missed Birth Control Pill ?


Monday, March 23, 2020 is Near Miss Day 2020. March 23 is Near Miss Day March 23 is Near Miss Day

Near Miss Day

Near Miss Day celebrates March 23rd, 1989, when a large asteroid missed out on the Earth by a mere 500,000 miles-- a very near miss out on definitely! Exactly what would you do if an asteroid will strike the Planet-- just how would you spend your last hrs, and would you also would like to know?

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Missed Birth Control Pill ?????

When you miss a pill you get a drop in hormones - a drop in hormones is what triggers bleeding when you are on teh pill - that's why if you skip the hormone-free sugar pill week, you don't get your period.

When you double-up on pills, you get a spike in the hormones, which is followed by a drop back to normal - the drop in hormones triggers bleeding - which is why you shouldn't double up - it doesn't actually increase your protection, and increases your chances of breakthrough bleeding.

A) No, you haven't permanently messed things up.

B) yes, missing a pill will often cause breakthrough bleeding

C) If you missed a pill in the week before your period then you should skip your next period to maintain a good level of protection - you really don't want to have more than seven days without hormones in a 3 week time period. If you do take the risk and take the sugar pills then you will bleed, but it may be lighter and shorter than usual, as you've already bled some.

D) It usually lasts a few days.

E) Yes, keep taking your pill like usual. For maximum protection against pregnancy, use condoms until you have taken an active pill each day for seven days in a row. If those seven days would take you into the inactive sugar pills then start a new pack of active pills instead of the sugar pills. You'll skip your period this month.

What Do You Miss Most About Your Dog When You Are Away?

What Do You Miss Most About Your Dog When You Are Away?

I miss having her on my lap and her following me all over. I am home with her all day and then I have to go to work in the evening. I love coming home and her getting so excited to see me.

eating only nacho for one day can make you fat?

eating only nacho for one day can make you fat?

that's no where near enough food for your daily intake. near where near enough calories, your missing tons of other essential nutrients to function properly. that's even not enough food for one snack, let alone for a whole day.

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