National American Teddy Bear Day 2018 is on Wednesday, November 14, 2018: valentines day?


Wednesday, November 14, 2018 is National American Teddy Bear Day 2018. American Teddy Bear Day - Teddy Bear Day National American Teddy Bear

valentines day?

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Who was the better Roosevelt? Teddy or FDR?

Who was the better Roosevelt? Teddy or FDR?

I can only speak for my self Teddy would be my vote.

FDR while a giant in his time did many things that disturb me. most people are well aware of his more notable accomplishments such as his war record, the programs to revive the economy and social programs like social security etc...

Less well known are some of his more nefarious activities.

FDR was the first president to publicly politicize the supreme court by trying to dbl the number of judges and stack these appointments with individuals willing to take on social engineering to get his programs approved

FDR was the first president to establish the long term deficit financing of government something we are still regretting and paying for today

FDR'S pre-war effort to fight the Germans and Japanese were less than hones to the American people or to the people of the world. To all the world we declared our selves neutral in the conflict which means we could not give military aid away to one side or another. How did he get around this he told the American people we would lease ships and planes to several countries and it would cost us nothing because we would be paid back. He told the world that we were simply making a business transaction and not supporting either side. The reality was he knew non of these debts would ever be paid and only offered-These deals to Great Briton, The Soviet Union and to a lesser extent China. I don't have an argument with the goals just the method he carried them out with

Lastly in his last conference with Stalin he sold out the peoples of eastern Europe by agreeing to The spheres of influence that let the soviets take over half of Europe. this to me his most critical error and one that caused a lot of pain and suffering for decades to come.

Teddy Roosevelt is less well known for his accomplishments but to review some of the more lasting ones that affect us today.

Teddy Roosevelt broke the Monopolies of the day and laid the groundwork for most of the fair labor practices we enjoy today from worker safety to the right to union representation.

He also, establish our National Park and Forest system to preserve not only beauty of wilderness areas but to preserve precious resources for the good of the nation. The old Growth forests we here about from the environmentalists of today would of been a mute point for they would of been long gone before the advent of the modern environmental movement without his efforts.

Some here trumpet FDR's foresight in reacting to the Nazi menace. Teddy reacted long before FDR in creating the ability for America to project its power abroad to enforce its interests. Without his efforts America never would have had the ability to help Europe in WW1 or WW2 he fundamentally changed the mindset of US foreign policy.

Then there is of course the canal a monumental effort that most in Europe viewed as undo able.

That said there was a dark side to Teddy such as setting up the banana republics in central America and other activities.

Both Were great historic figures warranting high praise for there intentions and many of ther achievements. But the clinchers are, What child born in America day has not has his own Teddy bear and how Can you not vote for a candidate that ran for the great Bull Moose Party.

I focused more on the positives for Teddy because many of his achievements are much less known by today's generation than FDR's not to bias the argument for my views. For the same reason I focused on FDR's failing because likewise the are less known or publicized.. If nothing else I hope you were enlightened about facts you were not aware of about both men. I am a rabid historian but in the end the choice is yours to make

What are some holidays in october besides halloween?

What are some holidays in october besides halloween?

Holidays for Each Day of October:

1 World Vegetarian Day

2 National Custodial Worker Day

2 Name Your Car Day

3 Techies Day

3 Virus Appreciation Day

4 National Golf Day

4 National Frappe Day

5 Do Something Nice Day

5 World Teacher's Day

6 Come and Take it Day

6 Mad Hatter Day

6 International Frugal Fun Day - first Saturday of the month

6 Physician Assistant Day

7 Bald and Free Day

7 Oktoberfest in Germany ends, date varies

7 World Smile Day

8 American Touch Tag Day

8 Columbus Day - second Monday of month

9 Curious Events Day

9 Fire Prevention Day

9 Leif Erikson Day

9 Moldy Cheese Day

10 National Angel Food Cake Day

11 It's My Party Day

11 Take Your Teddy Bear to Work Day

12 Cookbook Launch Day

12 Old Farmer's Day

12 Moment of Frustration Day

12 Emergency Nurses Day

13 International Newspaper Carrier Day -date varies each year

13 International Skeptics Day

13 World Egg Day

14 Be Bald and Free Day

14 National Dessert Day - take an extra helping

15 Cane Safety Day

16 Bosses Day

16 Dictionary Day

17 Wear Something Gaudy Day

18 No Beard Day

19 Evaluate Your Life Day

20 Brandied Fruit Day

21 Babbling Day

21 Count Your Buttons Day

21 National Pumpkin Cheesecake Day

22 National Nut Day

21 Sweetest Day Third Saturday of month

23 National Mole Day

23 Tv Talk Show Host Day

24 United Nations Day

National Bologna Day

25 Punk for a Day Day

25 World Pasta Day

26 Mule Day

27 Make a Difference Day- fourth Saturday of the month, an opportunity for neighbors to help neighbors.

27 National Tell a Story Day - in Scotland and the U.K.

27 Navy Day

28 Plush Animal Lover's Day

29 Hermit Day

28 Mother-In-Law Day - fourth Sunday in October

29 National Frankenstein Day

30 National Candy Corn Day

30 Mischief Night

31 Carve a Pumpkin Day - no surprise here

31 Halloween

31 Increase Your Psychic Powers Day

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