World Diabetes Day 2018 is on Wednesday, November 14, 2018: No questions @ World Diabetes Day? Y News featured how to spot Diabetes type 2? Waist over 37"? Pee


Wednesday, November 14, 2018 is World Diabetes Day 2018.

World Diabetes Day

World Diabetes Day was first presented in 1991, and established by both the International Diabetic issues Federation and the Globe Health Organization. In response to the increase in cases of Diabetic issues worldwide, it was determined to select a day of the year to raise awareness of Diabetic issues and related causes. The day chosen was the birthday party of Sir Frederick Banting, a medical researcher which co-discovered Insulin and was the initial person to utilize it on humans.

The motif of World Diabetes Day on a regular basis changes. As an example, the style for the day between 2009 and 2013 was education and avoidance, and in the past such themes have actually been used such as civils rights, way of living, obesity, the disadvantaged and at risk, and children/teenagers. Various events all over the world mark the day including increasing awareness in the media, lectures and conferences, sporting occasions, and leaflet/poster campaigning. "Going blue" is one more international event to mark the day, where folks wear blue and landmark buildings and monoliths around the world are lit up in blue, to help spread recognition of the day.

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No questions @ World Diabetes Day? Y News featured how to spot Diabetes type 2? Waist over 37"? Pee

As you've asked this question on Yahoo! Answers UK & Ireland, my friend, I'll answer it as such.

Being overweight or obese is a major risk factor. Around 80 per cent of people with type 2 diabetes are overweight. Other risk factors include:

Having a large waist

Being of Black or South Asian origin

Having a family history of the condition

Being over the age of 40, or over 25 if you’re Black or of South Asian descent

At risk waist measurements are 37 inches or more for men, except those of South Asian origin who are at risk at 35 inches or more, and 31.5 inches or more for all women.

Being overweight and having an increased waist measurement, however, only puts you at added risk. It doesn't automatically mean that you will develop type 2 diabetes, otherwise every overweight or obese person would be diabetic, and that simply isn't true.

Some of the warning signs would include:

Increased thirst

Having to pee all the time, especially at night

Extreme tiredness

Blurred vision

Genital itching or regular episodes of thrush

Wounds which are slow to heal

but even having these symptoms still might not mean that you have diabetes. There can be other reasons for having these same symptoms. The ONLY way to know for sure, my friend, is to have your doctor check your blood glucose levels.



The slogan chosen for the campaign is: DIABETES: PROTECT OUR FUTURE. Let us EDUCATE, ENGAGE and EMPOWER youth and the general public on diabetes.

What is your message for everybody on ’World Diabetes Day’ ?

What is your message for everybody on 'World Diabetes Day' ?

Get up and dance with us because there are far far far worse things to have that only make you feel more helpless because you don't get to try to manage your own involvement. (I knowsomeone who isn't even 50 yet who has got ALS and all he can do is slowly feel his body not working for him). Dance because you are still living and breathing. And continue to do what you do to keep a handle on your glucose as tedious it can often get--and this goes for you young people. Yes, we're all sympathetic, wish you hadn't been hit with diabetes (or anything else) but the reality is that you have it so you might as well get used to it, get used to minding what you eat and drink and that you are not your ordinary youngsters/teenagers, learn your healthy life styles now while you are young enough to implement them as your normal way of being and you'll live long and prosper, you'll be healthier then a lot of your peers because of how you live now. Come and dance while we still can.

Also on this date Wednesday, November 14, 2018...