Evaluate Your Life Day 2020 is on Monday, October 19, 2020: Life insurance recommendation?


Monday, October 19, 2020 is Evaluate Your Life Day 2020. Keeping it Simple (KISBYTO): Evaluate Your Life Day 2012 Evaluate Your Life Day 2012

Evaluate Your Life Day

How’s it going? Evaluate Your Existence Day is an opportunity to get reflective, and consider how you’re doing. How’s your job? Your loved ones existence? Your associations? If there’s whatever you feel needs a little of attention, today’s your day to obtain a plan in position and begin making changes!

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Life insurance recommendation?

Life insurance purchases often leave buyers wondering if they did the right thing. This article provides a framework for making informed decisions. It also discusses some of the tools available for evaluating life insurance products.

People make dozens of decisions every day without difficulty, but life insurance purchases often leave buyers wondering if they did the right thing. Carelessness is certainly part of the problem; people are amazingly willing to invest money without knowing what they are doing. However, even those buyers who try to be diligent often lack a decision-making framework to be successful.

For affordable term life insurance, I would recommend

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Cancer Survivors, Did You Re-Evaluate Your Life?

Cancer Survivors, Did You Re-Evaluate Your Life?

I would have to say yes. Getting the diagnosis of cancer forces people te re assess their lives and what is important. My own diagnosis was a huge eye opener and I also re prioritized my life and what was really important to be doing. We all take our time here for granted until something forces you to evaluate your priorities and start living each day to the fullest and doing the things that make each day matter.

After life time of mistakes one after another? How would you restart fresh again?

After life time of mistakes one after another? How would you restart fresh again?

Consider re-framing your judgments of your own life. When did you ever get up in the morning and decide that this day you would do only those things you felt were really bad for you? Probably never. Stay with me on this...as you have been faced with decisions in the past, every time you were faced with a decision you decided to do what you believed, at the time, was the best thing for you. It was only later, after you had made what you then believed was a good decision, that you realized the consequences of your decision were not good. So look at it this way...had you realized the nature of the consequences of your decision at the time you made it, you would have made that decision differently. The reality of life is that we do not know the future, that we cannot control the consequences of our decisions. Sure, sometimes if we had only thought a little longer or a little harder we might have considered some of the potential negative consequences...but when each of us makes a decision we ALWAYS make it based on what we genuinely believe is in our best interests. So later, when the stock goes down in value instead of up (as we had hoped) or the boss gets upset because we didn't do what he expected, we decide we "made a mistake". The word mistake is not really an accurate reflection of what happened because what happened is we made a decision, acted on the decision and later learned the consequences were not as we would have wished. So we say we "made a mistake". However, if you feel that you have made many decisions in your life based on your best evaluations of the situations, and the consequences of those decisions have not been to your liking, then perhaps you can change how you evaluate life and make different choices. So here's an approach; do not make judgments. A judgment is when you compare yourself or things with some "standard", such as another person or thing. Judgments are not fair to you or others. Instead, evaluate. An evaluation is a determination that something is good or not good for you. For example, strawberries are a nice-tasting fruit and some people enjoy them but some people are allergic to them. So...you don't "judge" strawberries as being either good or bad, you evaluate them as being good for you or not good for you, depending on how you personally react to them. An "evaluation" is purely subjective and personal. A judgment is also purely personal but we tend to think of our judgments, and the judgments of other people as being "objective". They're really not, judgments are always subjective but they are decorated with the notion of objectivity. We get into trouble when we accept the judgments of others in place of our own evaluations. So make your decisions based on personal choices...based on the evaluation of whether this person or this thing is good or bad for you. Think about it.

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