Cut Your Energy Costs Day 2020 is on Friday, January 10, 2020: Saving Energy, saving money?


Friday, January 10, 2020 is Cut Your Energy Costs Day 2020. PECO Smart Ideas - Want Lower Energy Bills?‎ Save Money With PECO's Programs And Rebates.

Cut Your Energy Costs Day

A wonderful Brand-new Year's resolution could be to lessen your power consumption, and to conserve money in the process. Cut Your Energy Costs Day is everything about using less electrical energy (and hopefully paying much less cash as a result).

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Saving Energy, saving money?

This is the we site I like to refer to to save energy and thus save money:

It has more than 530 ways to reduce energy and clean water in the home, with hundreds of them simple habit changes which cost no money at all to do.

Some of its suggests for electricity include:

1 Teach Grand/Children Energy & Water Conservation

2 Always Consider How Much It Will Cost

3 Energy Conservation web sites

4 Energy Conservation TV shows

5 Monitor Utility Bills For Conservation Progress

6 Participate in Earth Hour

7 Participate in Earth Day

8 Personal Earth Day Once A Week

9 Have Family Energy & Water Conservation Meetings

10 Home Energy Audit – Self

11 Focus on Saving Money

12 Use Less

13 Environmental Records of Politicians

14 Downsize to Lower Energy Consumption

15 Energy Conservation Fairs

16 Spend More Time Outside

17 Use All Energy Conservation Tips

18 Home Energy Audit – Pro’s

19 Create Your Own Energy/Water Saving List

20 Encourage Schools To Teach Energy/Waster Saving

46 Turn Off Lights Leaving House

47 Dishwasher Heat Drying – Turn Off

48 Table Lamps vs Ceiling Lights

49 Shut Off Main Breaker When Leaving House

50 Turn Off Lights When Not Needed

51 Turn Off Lights Leaving Room

52 Keep Air Passages in ‘Fridge / Freezers Clear

53 Use Task Lighting Always

54 Hand Wash Dishes (i.e. not Dishwasher)

55 Unbundle Wet Laundry Before Placing in Dryer

56 Indoor Clothes Drying Area in Winter

57 Unplug Home Office Equipment At Night/Weekends

58 Unplug Home Office Equipment When Not in Use

59 Turn Off All Electrical Appliances Before Bed

60 Use Front Door More vs Garage Door

61 Don’t Leave Computer On All Day

62 Turn Off Fans When Not In Room

63 Turn Off Appliances/Computer Leaving Room

64 Transfer Several Days of Food Freezer To Fridge

65 Christmas Lights at Night Only

66 Turn Off Lights While Watching TV

67 Turn Off TV When Not Watching

68 Turn Off TV (e.g. read, go out)

69 Unplug Dehumidifiers When Not Needed

70 Unplug Battery Rechargers When Done

71 Unplug Electrical Appliances When Away

72 Take All Meal Items From Refrigerator at Once

73 Clean Refrigerator Coils Periodically

74 Unscrew Every Other Light Bulb

75 Keep Dishwasher Drain Clear of Food Scraps

76 Keep Dryer Lint Trap Clean

77 Full Laundry Loads

78 Soak Dishes In Sink Overnight

79 Check Dryer Before Finish

80 Remove Dry Garments Before End

81 Only Damp Dry Clothes in Dryer

82 Use Dryer Moisture Sensor

83 Do Consecutive Laundry Loads

84 Avoid Dryer’s Wrinkle Shield Feature

85 Turn Off Home Office Equipment When Not in Use

86 Put Scanner on Sleep Mode

87 Put Printer on Sleep Mode

88 Put Fax Machine on Sleep Mode

89 Turn Off Game Console When Finished

90 Unplug Game Console When Finished

91 Unplug Cellphone Recharger When Not In Use

92 Use Manual Shears vs Electric Trimmers for Bushes

93 Use Hand Operated Can Opener vs Electric

94 Replace Toast With Bread / Dry Cereal

95 Rotate Cordless Phones in One Charger Base

96 Computer Standby Mode

97 Air Dry Hair vs Hair Dryer

98 Don’t Use Lights One Day A Week

99 Use Garbage Disposal Less

100 Full Dishwasher Loads

And, there are a lot more....over 530 in total.

Electrical consumption fridge cut cost?

Electrical consumption fridge cut cost?

Agree 100% with pp. It's not a good idea and mostly will lead to spoiled food and increased food bills. Best thing you can do is buy a newer model, energy efficient fridge and keep the door closed.

The dryer and AC are more controllable appliances that use a lot of energy too. If you are trying to cut costs then concentrate on keeping the thermostat a bit higher in the summer and hang dry more items instead of throwing them in the dryer. Even 1/2 hang dry and 1/2 dryer will save 1/2 the dryer energy costs. I usually let my sweaters and jeans air dry then toss them in the dryer for 15 minutes to soften them up.

Is alternative energy a real possibility or just a pipe dream?

Is alternative energy a real possibility or just a pipe dream?

Good question.

There seem to be many other sources of energy but they seem to be expensive to obtain or to require large amounts of land to be dedicated to crop growth or for collectors. This is in itself a type of inefficiency.

In the long term prices may come down but energy such as crop based gasoline alternatives don't seem to me like they would cut it with a growing demand for gas their will be a growing demand for the amount of land that must be dedicated to its production. not to mention the population is growing and its not going to stop.

If we move toward becoming almost entirely dependent upon alternative energy we must move towards harnessing different kinds of power and not just search for one solution.

A lot of money would be lost from a lot of big companies.

For instance there is a windmill type device you can purchase for your home needs right now for around $10,000 it is highly efficient

and supposedly super quiet. It is said to be able to generate between 30% to all of a homes energy needs depending on where you live. If too much energy is generated the excess may be sold back to the electrical company.

If you could purchase three of these at the hefty price of $30,000 you could theoretically not ever have to pay a power bill again in some places or pay almost no bill at all. The electrical companies services could be utilized as a form of backup power.

If everyone had these wind collectors this would certainly shrink the electrical power industry.

There is no information available to me about how much it can cost to repair these items or how well they can withstand the event of a hurricane or tornado.

But I dont think think alternative energy is a pipe dream it is just something that is going to take a large investment to start up and develop towards higher levels of performance and efficiency.

The engineering of rugged devices will have to play a large role and does currently, however, a lot of trial and error needs to occur to see what works where and why and what got destroyed by random acts of god and the forces of nature and how that can be prevented.

Should things begin to look rather good for alternative energy... and it seems things look better day by day... energy companies would have to begin facing downsizing and new business models and perhaps invest themselves into the production of alternative energy or alternative energy generating devices for sale to the public. Either way at some point they wont be the economic giants they have been to this point and thats probably gonna keep them from helping.

Alternative energy will only be a pipe dream if people are afraid to nurture it and harness the energies available. This is something that is and will be heavily influenced by politics.

On another note, I think that nuclear power seems to be an "easy way out" but I don't believe that it is a good or secure solution. There have been so many nuclear mishaps you dont hear about and so much waste that you cant prevent or do anything about. Aside from alternative energy being developed for fear of a lack of oil I also thought a large part of it was moving towards a cleaner earth. Moving towards nuclear power and nuclear waste is dangerous for everyone. Radiation does not simply go away it is corruption of matter and it is "contagious". Sure we could maybe launch it off into space, but should something go wrong on the way out of here we would face yet another type of radiological disaster.

Also on this date Friday, January 10, 2020...