National Cut Your Energy Costs Day 2020 is on Friday, January 10, 2020: How should government, business and individuals manage the looming energy crisis?


Friday, January 10, 2020 is National Cut Your Energy Costs Day 2020. January Holidays: Strange, Unusual & Weird January Observances in 2013 National Cut Your Energy Costs

How should government, business and individuals manage the looming energy crisis?

Obviously a higher focus on renewable energy sources, further research into alternative fuels, also i think publicly owned utilities would make a huge difference. Electricity is in this day and age a common need, I don't think it's right that a number of people are struggling to pay there high energy bills while the electric companies are making hundreds of thousands or even billions in profits. That benefit the stock holders and does nothing to help our need for more energy at a lower cost.

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We already drill in Alaska, the particular issue that you are talking about is whether or not to drill in Anwr, (A protected wildlife reserve). First of all, why have protected land when you are going to compromise that protection when the price is right. Secondly, more drilling is a short term fix to a major long term problem and only hinders the depletion of those resources.

Tax credits does very little in helping to control or cut energy costs. First of all a number of the energy reducing techniques which you would receive tax credits for are too expensive for the majority of citizens, additionaly most citizens do not make decisions based upon taxes, they make decisions on the most immediate impact (ie. the immediate impact to the pocket book, etc).

No one is suggesting we use flintstone like cars, or that we go back to the horse and buggy days. But we have the current technology to produce cars that are far more energy effecient then the ones currently in production. Additionaly the companies who are producing more energy effecient cars are doing better financially then those who are slow to come around.

Yes we currently have the abaility to produce fuel from corn, but corn is not the only renewable option we have. I personally don't see where you logic is that a focus on fuel from corn would increase the costs of beef and other products. It would however benefit the national economy, assist with struggling farmers, (we could lessen the tax cuts and credits that are farmers obtain) and send less of our money overseas. Personally I don't think that corn is the option, as I understand it you get better results from sweet grass and other crops.

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Who else expects price of gasoline to drop to $3.40/gallon or less national average by election day?

Who else expects price of gasoline to drop to $3.40/gallon or less national average by election day?

People have cut costs, and are driving less on gas. It is remarkable to see how much people have conserved in such a short period of time, and its not gona stop. Since gas has gone up, so has food and other resources. I believe the gas prices will steadily decrease like they have been since less gas is being consumed. It may go up and down, but while people are conserving energy and saving gas, we won't see an increase as significant as it was...

The ‘Cap And Tax’ Dead End..?

The ‘Cap And Tax’ Dead End..?

Not only the economic impacts on energy and manufacturing, but also accept that the bill, as proposed, will not cut greenhouse gas, but will simply require manufacturers to shift those jobs to countries without restrictions.

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