Chinese Language Day 2018 is on Friday, April 20, 2018: Does anyone think that Chinese has a chance to one day be the universal language of our planet?


Friday, April 20, 2018 is Chinese Language Day 2018. Learn Mandarin. Be Fluent‎ Amazing Mandarin program created by Harvard + Oxford + MIT graduates

Chinese Language Day

As the globe's most commonly talked language it appears proper that Mandarin Chinese has one day each year devoted to it. This formally significant day of Mandarin language occasion was set up by the United Nations as a way of celebrating the language's history and general contribution to the world. It is wished that by having someday yearly to celebrate Mandarin Chinese this additional focus on the language will urge more folks around the world to take it up. With China most likely to end up being the biggest economic climate worldwide it is very important that the wider world comes to be remarkably more skilled in this wonderful language. Chinese Language Day is each year celebrated in April. A fantastic way to get associated with the party is to join a Mandarin course or attend one of the lots of Confucian Centers now set up by China in countries all over the world.

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Does anyone think that Chinese has a chance to one day be the universal language of our planet?

With time, any language could achieve that status. For now, English is widely used enough to be considered the language of international business, but that's the present. In Europe, Latin used to be a language people from different countries could use to communicate since it was the language of Academics...(French also saw a brief period of popularity as the nobility would commonly learn it).

I don't agree with the first answer; a language itself is not what contributes to the world. You must consider that many findings and articles were originally written in other languages prior to being translated into English. (Freud and Nietzsche are prime examples of writings that were initially in German) Great minds exist everywhere, regarldess of their spoken languages.

Back to your question though, given enough time and influence, I could see Chinese becoming predominant... I just doubt we'll live long enough to see it happen (if it ever does).

As for Chinese being difficult, I don't think that would be a factor if it were a bit more widespread. The only reason people find English easier to learn is because it's hard living in this current world without coming across some English influence. A lot of English media and music are listened to throughout the world, which helps at least gives people an idea of what it dounds like, and makes it easier to learn since there are so many resources to use.

Chinese doesn't have such a widespread influence (yet). But again, more and more people are learning it, and many people are starting to retain basic Chinese words like "Ni hao" for hello, a word that, until recently, was vitually unknown by non-Chinese speakers.

As for grammar, Chinese has the easiest grammar I've ever seen. No verb conjugation whatsoever, no plural forms... A character never changes. Once you've learned it, you don't have to worry about having to change how you write it depending on context.

My point again: with time, it could happen.

Chinese language insults?

Chinese language insults?

I understand you're upset, but...

Remember the last time someone who barely spoke English tried to curse you out? They probably just ended up sounding like an idiot. That's how you'll sound trying to remember how to pronounce a language you don't really speak while in a fury. Not to mention "Chinese" is not a language. The next "Asian" you run into could speak any of ten different languages.

I don't know what your insurance premiums are like after having so many accidents, you should just be glad you haven't suffered any major injuries, or died. The last time I got rear-ended, my first thought was whether or not my fiancee and mother-in-law had been injured, not the stream of insults I was going to unleash on the careless driver behind us.

Try to keep an eye out for other drivers, if you see someone driving poorly, try to give them some room.

is it -worldwide- chinese the most important language to learn this days, and if so, why? ?

is it -worldwide- chinese the most important language to learn this days, and if so, why? ?

Lol no. I am from Hong Kong, and trust me English is the most important . If Russia and China want to talk to each other what language do they speak in? Chinese? NO!! Russian? No!!! English? YES!!

If French people want to talk to the Chinese governmentt do they speak in French or Chinese? NO, THEY SPEAK IN ENGLISH.

Most English speaking countries do not even care about out language, so we just learn English to communicate.

English is a global language, while chinese is only in east Asia. They have a huge population, but the language is spread out like English. French is more spread out than Chinese despite the fact there are like 3 times more Chinese speakers.

English is the universal language.

If I was dropped any where in the world, and was only allowed to pick ONE LANGUAGE to communicate in, without knowing what country I was in I WOULD CHOOSE ENGLISH, and any smart person would. You wouldn't pick chinese, because only one country (CHINA) speaks that language. You would be screwed if you only knew chinese if you were in any country other than China. Chinese doesn't even have an alphabet, which makes it a daunting task for non-natives to learn, so the second language speakers of chinese is so low.

Also on this date Friday, April 20, 2018...