Appreciate A Dragon Day 2021 is on Saturday, January 16, 2021: General Bearded Dragon Questions?


Saturday, January 16, 2021 is Appreciate A Dragon Day 2021.

Appreciate A Dragon Day

The dragon is really a effective symbol in mythology around the globe, from Europe to Asia and beyond. Appreciate A Dragon Day encourages you look around the cultural value of the dragon inside your society and history!

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General Bearded Dragon Questions?

Oh gosh, please don't listen to Jacob Sybolt or whatever it was. Feeds his dragon once or twice a month and the dragon only poops 5 or 6 times a YEAR???? That is NOT right...

You didn't mention how long you have had him or how old he is. Dragons should poop every day or at least every other day. If not, he is either not eating enough or he could be impacted.

Impaction can be caused by: temps that are too low, bugs that are too big, mealworms, pinkies, and SAND or other particulate substrate.

What are your temps and how do you measure them? The only accurate way is with a temp gun or a digital thermometer with a probe directly on the basking spot. This temp should be 100-110 (37.7-43.3C) provided with a bright white basking bulb, which can be just a normal household bulb and the cool side should be around 80 (25.5-27.7C). Temps are essential to digestion, so if your temps are not hot enough, he could be at risk of impaction and other digestive issues.

What kind of UVB do you use? Unfortunately, most UVB bulbs on the market are not good quality and can cause health and particularly eye problems in dragons. All compact coil bulbs are dangerous, and the only recommended linear fluorescent bulb is the ReptiSUN 10.0 (not ReptiGLO) in the US or the Arcadia 12% in the UK ()

I would advise removing the sand, especially if he is younger than a year old. Generally, adults do okay on sand, but since there is a problem going on, you want to remove ANY possible cause to get him going again, right?

The veg/insect ratio depends on his age. If he's an older juvie/sub-adult (which I'm assuming due to his size) you can feed him bugs once a day, and let him eat as many as he wants. This might be about 30 a day or so. As he approaches adulthood, this number might decrease. If he is fully grown (over 18 months), you can offer bugs every other or even every few days. This will equal about 50 cricket-sized bugs a week. So, if you fed hornworms, it would be fewer because they are much bigger.

Good bugs: gut-loaded crickets, roaches, hornworms, silkworms, butter worms, phoenix worms, superworms. Bad bugs: waxworms, mealworms, pinkies.

He also needs a salad of a dark, leafy green (like collards) and some other healthy veggie (like squash) available every day at all ages.

Here is a good site to show which bugs and veggies you should feed your dragon (and which ones you shouldn't!):

A bath once a week for an adult is good..twice a week if he's younger is great, but once a week will be sufficient.

Now, about the impaction...I would get him in the bath every day while that is going on. The warm water helps stimulate his bowels. Feel his tummy and if you feel any hard spots, gently massage downward toward his vent. You can give him unsweetened applesauce, unsweetened canned pumpkin, or babyfood mixed with a couple drops of olive oil with a syringe to help things move along as well.

Please continue your research at to learn everything you need to know about taking care of your dragon!

Best of luck!

rate my blue-eyes white dragon deck?

rate my blue-eyes white dragon deck?

I would run three stones and kaiba man. You only need one dragon's mirror and take out torrential. Summoning dragons master knight might be tricky now a days so i would take that out and black luster ritual and replace it with a five headed dragon. Take out compuls evacs and reinforcement of the army add in 2 banner of courage.

Portion sizes for baby bearded dragons?

Portion sizes for baby bearded dragons?

Bearded Dragons will only eat what they feel like. Although that may be true in the wild, caprice bearded dragons won't. I feed mine one a day and he is about 6 months old. Don't feed him at night because they are not nocturnal. Also never feed your bearded dragons insects that are bigger between the space on their eyes. I would Fred him as much as he can eat in 10 minutes or 15. That's what a petsmart lady told me. Remember to take any uneaten crickets out of the cage when done eating, they could bite your bearded Dragon

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