Nothing Day 2021 is on Saturday, January 16, 2021: Tell me more about the 'buy nothing day'?


Saturday, January 16, 2021 is Nothing Day 2021. buy nothing day Hey, it's Buy Nothing Day

Nothing Day

Nothing Day continues to be commemorated since 1973. Your day generally is about not doing anything whatsoever, placing it inside a similar vein with other such surreal non-occasions being an Not-Birthday or Buy Nothing Day. There's simply no purpose or intended structure with this pointless celebration.Your day was initially suggested through the late American newspaper writer Harold Coffin. Nothing Day began using the intent of eventual self-destruction, through satirically reigning with what Coffin considered a glut of lately established, useless commemorative days. Coffin’s Nothing Organisation was concurrently created to be able to raise awareness. Fittingly, the organisation has not held just one meeting. The ongoing official festivities stand proof of Coffin’s ultimate failure.As it's all about spending without trying on honoring practically nothing, Nothing Day may also be about honoring existence itself. The only real limits how your day is spent would be the imagination and bank balance from the participant.Your day also boosts some quite interesting questions about a philosophical level. Can something useful truly spring from nothing? Based on your point of view, Coffin could either happen to be a latter-day David Hume or perhaps a quotable newspaper writer slightly too clever for their own good.

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Tell me more about the ’buy nothing day’?

Buy Nothing Day is the same day as Black Friday, the day after our Thanksgiving in November. It's intended to counteract the crass materialism of the holidays, save the petroleum that might be used getting to the malls, & take away money from the big chain stores by spending it at a later date in small, local stores & service businesses, or craft sales of locally made crafts. It hasn't made a serious dent, but at times there may be demonstrators with signs near the malls, which may cause shoppers to think about their behavior & their materialism.

Black Friday gets its name from being the first day of each year when American business can sell enough to get out of the hole & no long lag behind its expenses (debt = red ink) & start making a profit (signified by black ink). Lacking a large family anymore, I never bought much anyway, so what I do really doesn't make much difference, other than contributing to a different, less-materialistic mentality. At the same time, I want our businesses to do well so the economy will improve. Therefore, my lack of a big spending mentality gives a big contradiction to the equally happy thought of the economy doing well.

In general, I have always avoided shopping on that day, due to the heavy traffic, perhaps shopping that evening when the sales are still on. I don't buy many gifts with so many family members gone. If I have small gifts to buy for a Secret Santa gift program for low-income children, I can shop much more easily in the evening, ignoring any political rules against shopping on that day.

When my mother was still living, I did at times buy local crafts at a craft fair or books at local bookstore, which otherwise might be going broke. I also bought some books from the National Women's History Project organization.

What is Buy nothing day?

What is Buy nothing day?

I don't know, I guess it's just a day where you buy nothing :P

pros and cons of buy nothing day?

pros and cons of buy nothing day?

Never heard of this. I guess buy food and other necessary stuff that day before to be stocked up that day?

Also on this date Saturday, January 16, 2021...