World Hello Day 2024 is on Thursday, November 21, 2024: Hi everyone, how wasis your day?

Thursday, November 21, 2024 is World Hello Day 2024.

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World Hello Day

Hello Day encourages us to accept opportunty to merely greet people, and also to recognise how important simple communication is within our lives, as well as for peace between peoples.

Hi everyone, how was/is your day?


Indeed, such a simple question is not asked much anymore with the intent of actually wanting to hear the answer. Today's world is of "Whassup" and "Howzigoin," (how is it going). Rarely do people actually care about what is actually going on with the other person's life. Under normal circumstances, such a simple question would permit a simple answer such as "Not much, you?" However, I am going to take it a step further and tell you what is actually happening in my day in Israel.

It has been such a long time since I last stepped foot on American soil. A long time since I smelt the crisp, refreshing air of the Sierra Nevadas. It's been equally long since I've taken a long, cool drink out of heavenly creeks deep in the mountains of Yosemite. Now, I am on the opposite side of the world, in tiny spick of land known as Israel. This land is more than just my home, it is the home of the Jews. What's more, it is the land of Jesus and Moses. It is where Mohammed went into the Heavens and came down again a changed man. It is where most of the Old Testament and the Bible take place. It is also the land of great tragedy and despair, for within this holy land is much turmoil. Our brothers, the Palestinians, refuse to accept us into our rightful home, and continue to fight and murder us. We refuse to give in and we strike back with deadly force. Day in and day out, we exchange rockets, bombs, and lives. Day in and day out, our brothers murder and we are forced to murder in return. Day in and day out we desperately seek an end to the atrocities committed by both sides. Day in and day out we pray to the Heavens for peace to befall us, but only Kassam Rockets befall us. Day in and day out we send our children, barely eighteen years old, to fight for our land. Day in and day out, many of our children return in body bags. Day in and day out we wonder if the worst of it is over or if it has yet to begin. The world looks upon us and asks us, "Why must you kill these poor Palestinians?"

To which we can only reply, "We did not start the killing, and many, many times we have tried to stop it. Each time we stop, they escalade in their murders of our people. We came close to peace under the leadership of Itzac Rabin, but evil prevailed. We continue to try for peace, but evil continues to prevail. We want our brothers back. We want to have our brothers sit with us on Shabbat and break bread with us, but so far, they have only broken our hearts."

This is my day in this ancient and holy land. Everyday I wake up and wonder what will happen next. I go to work, just like in any other country, but here, it is the constant threat that makes my job difficult, not the long hours or the bad pay. Here, I thank God that I have a life and a job to go to. Here, I take in each breath just a little bit more deeply, knowing that soon I will also be one of the children sent out to fight for our country. When you ask me how my day was, I could give you a simple answer like, "Good, and yours?" And this would be the truth, my day was good. I had a normal day at work, ate good food with friends, and settled comfortably back into my apartment with ease. But what prevents me from giving you such a simple answer is the knowledge deep in the back of my mind that throughout Israel, many of us did not have such a good day and many of us had our last day. So I tell you the tale of our people, our sad yet somehow triumphant tale of holy Israel.

Disney world vacation package/ticket options.?

Disney world vacation package/ticket options.?

The only way you could do this would be to purchase individual one day tickets for each park day, and just add a hopper to one of them. If you purchase a ticket with 3 or 4 days on it, you can't add a hopper to just one day because it's the same exact price as it would be to add them to all the days. When you buy a ticket, it's a standard $54 to add the hopper to it, no matter how many days are on the ticket. The hopper will apply to all days on the ticket. They don't offer it cheaper for just 1 day.

So therefore, if you buy a 1 day ticket with a park hopper, it'll be $136. It's $82 for each day that you don't have a hopper. Now that's if you buy each ticket individually. If you buy a 4 days ticket, and add the hopper, the total cost of the entire ticket is is $286. That's still cheaper than buying 4 separate tickets with a hopper on one of them, which would come to $382. It's actually pretty significant.

So I would just buy a hopper for however many days you'll be in parks rather than doing it individually. Disney makes it so it always makes more sense for you to add to your ticket.

Any trip to Disney, no matter how short, is fun & worth it. Just prioritize what rides you want to see, and understand you won't be able to see & do every single thing. In 20 trips, I still haven't seen everything. But you'll have a fantastic Tuesday-Sunday with your family.

what is the real day to praise God? Saturday or Sunday?

what is the real day to praise God? Saturday or Sunday?

Both. Plus every other day of the week.

In all things give thanks. For this is the Fathers will for us in Christ Jesus.

Praise is Thanksgiving. And when we are redeemed [born of Gods Spirit & cleansed by his Blood, washed in His Word, renewed in His Spirit] then we abide in Christ Jewsus 24/7. This is entering his REST. And trust God for the understanding of the First Covenant Sabbaths that Jesus fulfills and will fulfill.

And we can do more than praise God every day. We can pray to God & worship God 24/7 also.

In all things I do in word or deed, I do in the Name of the Lord. I am not under law of sin & death [1st Covenant]. I am under GRACE [New Covenant in Christ Jesus].

So to one Christian this or that day is more honorable. And to the other Christian no day is more special than the other. So to honor all days alike. No matter what we honor or don't honor as a special Sabbath unto the Lord, we do all things as unto the Lord. So on the days we work, we work as unto the Lord. The days we rest, we rest as unto the Lord...

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