Beaujolais Nouveau Day 2024 is on Thursday, November 21, 2024: Why is Beaujolais Nouveau wine so popular?

Thursday, November 21, 2024 is Beaujolais Nouveau Day 2024.

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Why is Beaujolais Nouveau wine so popular?

Maybe because of its light and fruity taste, which suits the Japanese palate. And also because it is trendy, something that excites their palates even more.

The thing that puzzles me, however, is the cost of the new Japanese nouveau wines. I thought the French Nouveaus were expensive in Japan because of the priority air delivery. Which is why so many nice gifts were being attached to them (designer drinking glasses at 7-11 etc.)

I saw a news story about the launch of Japanese Nouveau wine, so was curious about it and checked it out. Even more expensive than the imported French wine!

I suppose Nouveau wine in Japan is not only so popular because of its taste, but the trend comes from the days when only snobs and the elite could afford it. I don't know how long you have lived there, but when I first came, over 20 years ago, it was very hard to find wine and if you did, it was ridiculously expensive. Now you can get good quality cheap wine everywhere. Bet you that if Beaujolais wines were cheaper than now, they would drop in popularity ... there is some kind of mystique attached to them and lets everybody be a snob in November.

I am a wine lover and I quite like the Nouveaus(x), but I do prefer a good red Bordeaux or Chianti which I can get for half the price.

(P.S. Sorry to go on, but I did think at one time that the young, fresh wines had fewer chemicals in them to preserve them. Or even none at all, as they are meant to be drunk quite quickly and so wouldn't need preservatives etc. That got me excited about them, but I was wrong. Thet still have those nasty sulfates and things.)

Beaujolais Nouveau... where’s the best party? Lyon, Tarare, Beaujeau?

Beaujolais Nouveau... where's the best party? Lyon, Tarare, Beaujeau?

in just about any city or cafe in France,

there is no special area to celebrate that event,

lately the Beaujolais nouveau has lost it's fame, the wine is always so disgusting,in France people say # it is just a wine to trow up the next day #

but ? you can have fun that day,anywhere you go..

i have stopped celebrating Beaujolais nouveau a long time ago,but just drinking a better wine that day,

just have fun wherever you go..

do you know wen the Beaujolais novel and similar are sold in Toronto?

do you know wen the Beaujolais novel and similar are sold in Toronto?

Minijumbo is correct. The 3rd Thursday of November is the tradition .

It begins with a race to see which of the many Beaujolais producers can get their wine to Paris for the celebrations.

"Le Beaujolais C'est arrive!" is the cry.

The nouveau wines are air-freighted to extend the tradition all over the world. We get ours here in California on the same day and you will too.

Instead of calling the distributors, just ring up your local wine merchant. They'll tell you whether they're getting the fresh stuff.

BTW, don't drink too much of it, it's one of the WORST hangovers available!

Also on this date Thursday, November 21, 2024...