Water Monitoring Day 2024 is on Wednesday, September 18, 2024: Asian Water Monitor?

Wednesday, September 18, 2024 is Water Monitoring Day 2024. World Water Monitoring Day 2006 World Water Monitoring Day,

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Water Monitoring Day

Water is a valuable product, and one which we tend to take for provided-- up until supplies run short. Water Monitoring Day advertises thoughtful usage of water, so as to keep resources and ensure that water is offered where and when it's needed the majority of.

It also promotes recognition of what's really in our water-- from beneficial nutrients and minerals to damaging chemicals, why not take this day to know what you're taking in?

Asian Water Monitor?

Common Name:

Asian Water Monitor

Scientific Name:

Varanus salvator


Malaysia, Indonesia, Sri Lanka, India


Up to 7 feet long and 130 lbs


25 years old

Cage: Oh My! Make it a full room. Monitors are smart and curious guys so give 'em lots of room to climb, dig and bask. A hide box is a must. Especially if you have a substrate they cannot dig in. This is so important to their digestion and mental well being so please be sure to supply them all their needs. Don't forget access to plenty of sunlight. My Bambi flattens out like a pancake when the sun rays hit her cage. Soooo cute. She loves the sun. Now at 2 feet long this is easy. A full size room with a floor that can be disinfected and a pool that she can swim in will be a lot harder to achieve this. Do it or do not get the pet.

Substrate: Fresh clean dirt is great. Its cheap to replace. My little "Bambi" likes to dig and has a habit of pooping in her water so cleaning is easy for now but will be tough when she is a 7 foot adult. I sometimes change her water twice a day now. This will be a major problem when she full-grown. I still use the dry deck I speak of in my general section. Her new enclosure will be a 12x12-room custom built and I would like to be able to supply her with the dirt she'll need for her natural burrowing needs. I'll deal with that as she gets bigger.

Behavior: Curious, unpredictable & potentially dangerous as an adult if frequent handling is not there. Two 10 minute sets a day seems to keep my girl tame. Remember, any animal with a mouth can bite and the bigger the animal the bigger the bite.

Temperature:: Hot, humid, tropical. 79 on one side and up to 90 in the basking spot. Make sure your little dinosaur has freedom to move about and go to the spot where the temperature is what he wants. Don't forget the water. I use under tank heaters to warm the water and create humidity for them and of course my heat panels to heat the cage. Please visit www.pro-products.com for more info on these awesome radiant heat panels. Tell them SnakeBabe sent you.

Feeding: These guys are scavengers so feeding dead food is easy. Mine still loves those crickets, though she doesn't get as much as she did when she was a hatchling. Now she mostly gets pinkies/rodents of appropriate size sprinkled with vitamin powder. The powder doesn't seem to phase her in the least as it does some of my lizards. Also, she loves cat food, but only a few times a month and only low fat.

Lighting: Same as my other lizards. Sunlight and full spectrum light is a super must do! As often as possible your lizards should have access to direct, unfiltered sunlight. Have a cage, NOT a glass aquarium but an open-air cage on your patio, in your yard or by an open window. Put your lizard in there and let him soak up the rays. He will feel better, bite less and get those bright eyes and beautiful colors you want. Please keep in mind if it is too hot you could cook the little guy so make sure temps do not exceed their limits. Possibly place them in a tree shadow so the light is there but not too intense. This will provide UV radiation necessary for the synthesis of vitamin D and allow the reptile body to absorb calcium. In the winter this can be a problem. How can you put your sunlight needing reptile out in the yard when the cold will kill him? Answer is full spectrum lighting. I prefer natural sunlight, but is the next best thing. A florescent light tube (never the screw in kind) that copies a little bit of the sun. I have been using Vita-lite brand as far as I can remember with great success, but I believe they have sold to GE and I'm not sure if the bulbs are the same. I'm still looking into it. Another problem is that there are now a zillion lights on the market claiming to have full spectrum capabilities. As my time allows I will put more information on this subject later. There is much available on the Internet now if you search.

This and That: These animals get big big BIG! They will live to 25 years old. That's a long-term commitment to care. Lots of space must be given to keep these animals happy and healthy. Monitor lizards can inflict a painful bite. It is important that they become used to your daily contact wile they are young so that they can be handled safely when they are adults

SnakeBabe's Pet Rating: Poor

Very high maintenance. Due to size and speed and nature to possibly strike unexpectedly. Get a Bearded Dragon.



Yes, water AIDS weight loss. It doesn't cause it, though. If you drink at least 8-10 full glasses of water a day, it will keep you full so you're less likely to eat more. Your kidney, which monitors your metabolism, requires water. So if you don't have enough water in your body, your kidney can't work to its full potential.

Also, when you don't drink enough water, your body tends to retain whatever little water you do drink so that it can perform the processes it needs to perform. When it retains water, you get bloated. If you drink lots of water, your body gets used to it, and eliminates all that it needs to, so you won't retain any water, and won't get bloated after drinking or eating.

I read somewhere that people seem to lose 3-4 pounds within the first week of drinking at least 100oz (about 12.5 glasses of water) because their body no longer has to hold onto the water that's in their body.

Make sure to lower your sodium intake too. Sodium causes you to retain lots of water. They say you should have 2400 mg of sodium a day, however your body only truly needs 700mg of sodium to survive. Most Americans have 4-5000mg! Eat less processed foods and more natural food and you'll lower your sodium intake so you'll retain less water.


1. Keeps you full

2. Speeds metabolism

3. Rids you of toxins

I drink a gallon of water a day. You'll want your urine to be clear. Drink water, it'll help you lose weight!

Losing weight through water diet?

Losing weight through water diet?

two days of fasting is hardly enough time to judge. I've done this before, the end results arent good. When you first start a fast your body is still running relatively normal because our bodies are made to withstand short periods of not eating. It takes time for your metabolism to decline so the weight lose is starts off faster but does eventually slow down. During the first few days of fasting your body is still using glucose reserves stored in the liver so your weight lose is mostly from fat. But after 3 days those reserves will be gone and thats when you begin to lose muscle mass. Fat is used for energy only, but your body needs more then that to stay alive. There are certain things your body needs to feed your brain so this is why muscle is broken down. The effects are subtle at first, but after 7 days you will begin to notice a change in strength as the large muscles in your arms and legs are the first to be targets. For me i, i began to notice that my arms became weaker, doors i was used to opening began to feel heavier, i wasnt able to open jars any more and just normal activity i did all the time were enough to cause me muscle aches and pain if done repeatedly. In my legs i noticed that stairs i was used to climbing became more difficult, walking and standing for long periods would leave me more tired than before and i began to have back pain. My overall stamina was reduced significantly and workouts became increasingly more difficult to do without struggling. In the end i lost some weight, but i also lost muscle so it just wasnt worth it. And muscle mass will not return when you begin to eat, this is something that you will have to work on rebuilding through working out and eating right. By working out and not eating you wont beable to rebuild muscle because it takes calories to do that. The only thing you will accomplish by working your muscle while fasting is to increase the amount of calories you burn, so you speed up the process of losing weight from both fat and muscle.

I do not recommend fasting for long periods, because the results are just not worth it. But if you would like to fast, doing it for shorter periods would be better so you dont reduce your metabolism so much and wont lose muscle. You should research intermittent fasting, where you can fast for short periods at a time and break this up with a regular healthy diet in between.

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