Chiropractic Founders Day 2024 is on Wednesday, September 18, 2024: does anybody know about problems with the back?

Wednesday, September 18, 2024 is Chiropractic Founders Day 2024.

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does anybody know about problems with the back?

This sounds like a pinched nerve effecting your legs and back pain, I dont know if the epidurals effect the back like this, i imagine it would be difficult to prove if it does...

The only thing you could do would be to have the area either scanned (CT, which i dont ever recommend outside an emergency due to the radiation) or MRI'd which would show you what is going on there...

Yu ;could try EFT, the founder is retiring but up until jan 15th you can get the basic method for free, at the site below... so i would try that on anything. .. a good healing tool with all those children, also

I know back pain is very bad and difficult...

there are not a lot of treatments regular doctors have for it, and surgery is never anything but the last resort...

the best bet you might have is to check out a spinal decompression center near you , and hope that they have a TENS machine also, and see if they would take payments.. that works the best, to pull the disc off of your nerve, and to kill the nerve pain.. i have used a hand held TENS machine device only sold by dr ho in canada, to kill muscle or nerve pain...

or see a chiropractic doc who will take payments...

Finally, i havent tried the 'back 2 life' advertised on tv , but it seems to make sense ....

This is intended to help you save a lot of fruitless running around , and wasting moneyon doctors who wont be able to help you...

take care, happy holidays.... btw... dont cross your legs , or do heavy lifting especially in the wrong the wrong positions,

I would also keep in the back of my mind the possibility this is a kidney problem due to the back pain, so i would keep track of that too

Has your vet ever misdiagnosed your horse?

Has your vet ever misdiagnosed your horse?


I will explain first that I live in a rural area and do not have many vets near me. Often we are stuck with student vets. I am not always able to get hold of the practice owner, he is the only "real" horse vet around.

Although we have a new young female vet that actually rides horses and competes in jumping/dressage. So although she admits to looking things up and not knowing everything, she is more horse inclined and willing to work with me.

Story - I found a pony mare (she had a 2 month old foal at foot) looking "off" and possible a puncture mark on her muzzle area.

I called the vet immediately as I suspected snake bite (in Australia our snakes are deadly to horses) it was early January and hot (our summer).

I told them I thought it was snake bite, but I was not sure if I needed Brown or Tiger snake anti venom as I had not seen the snake. The "all purpose" anti venom is very expensive (worth more than the horse value) but I asked them to bring it any way.

On arrival the vet examined the mare and told me she thought it was calcium deficiency because the mare had a foal at foot. I told her flat out I thought she was wrong.

She was insistent that she was right. I am not a vet so I asked her what the treatment was and how long it would take to work. She explained it would just be a intravenous line and we would have signs of improvement in 30 minutes.

I said "ok do that, but if it has not worked I want the anti venom given". To which she agreed.

She put the line in the mares neck and administered the bag. However she lost the cap off the end of the line and when the bag was removed the mare was spewing blood everywhere. The vet panicked and pulled the line out of the mares vein completely.

We sat and waited and the poor mare became more staggery. The foal was trying to suckle and I had to remove it from the yard to prevent it accessing poison milk (distressing to both).

The vet went and phoned other vets (of course this was a Saturday afternoon and she was the only one around). I was by this time demanding that she give the mare the anti venom.

She finally agreed her treatment was not working and went to find the mares vein..... she could not get a line in, the mares veins were collapsing! She tried the head, under her belly, the leg you name it.

Now I had a poor mare staggering, kids crying, visitors from the city helping us hold this poor mare up while the vet continued to try and work on her. The city people took their children into our house, the sun was now setting (she arrived at 1pm) and a storm was rolling in.

By this time I was furious! She kept making more phone calls. By this time the mare was reaching no return and the vet could not even put her down for me, as she could not get a vein!!!

I told her to get off the property and a few other things ;-( As the storm rolled in my husband and I managed to somehow get her to stagger into the stables. I gave her high doses of home remedies, which is what I should have done in the first place and I managed to get her through the night. By morning she ate a small amount and had a small drink, I felt she might make it.

By lunch time she had deteriorated again and I had to get my husband to shoot her. I was absolutely furious this vet had not only misdiagnosed my horse, but failed to listen to her client.

I know they are not gods, but common sense seems to lack sometimes.

Glad your horse is going to be ok. My new young vet worked in well with my farrier on a foundered pony I had last year, made my life much better! I use chiro and physio, they certainly have a place in horse care and my ;-)

Oh and the foal was fine, I pair her up with my TB gelding and he cared for her beautifully. I literally had to "wean" her off him when she was a I still have her and have now broken her in for my girls to ride, she is 5yo ;-)

Help healing Fibromyalgia pain and getting my life back?

Help healing Fibromyalgia pain and getting my life back?

Miss Coba,

You have my deepest sympathy -and total empathy. I have had fibromyalgia since I was 9. That's 50 years now. Fibromyalgia -fm for this email- can be helped, but it is not yet curable. You will want to go to the website fo the National Fibromyalgia Association, . Along with any other articles that interest you, I suggest you read the biography of Lynn Matallana -the founder of the NFA.

One of the best medicines for fm is sleep, good sleep. Next is a very regular schedule. Those two things are excellent "medicines" for normal, healthy people. That magnifies their usefulness for people with fm a great deal. Rest and a regular schedule are sighted as helpful in all sorts of health literature from brain longevity to good grades on college tests. I have yet to hear of any illness that good sleep and an excellent schedule is a problem.

Sleep and schedule are crucial, but not instant. They help over time. Depending on how sleep-deprived, or how out of sorts your schedule is, it might take a couple weeks to see any change. But sometimes it only takes a week to see some change. One thing that does make fairly overnight differences is cutting out aspartame -the sugar substitute. If you drink any diet drink, you likely have had some aspartame. It's very mean to fm, so read the labels and drink only diet drinks that use acesulfame. I can't tell you much about it, but when I stopped drinking it the next day I felt 50% better. What a relief!

That brands I use are Diet Right Pure Zero and Diet Coke with Splenda (the box of 12 cans has a yellow band around it, making it easy to find on the shelf. I also like how the caffeine in coffee helps with my pain levels, but caffeine makes it difficult to sleep well if you have any less than 7 hours before you are going to bed. You have to plan carefully.

There are other things that help, too. For medications you must be patient, allowing one or two refils of the medicine to see if it will actually help. Read more on the NFA website for deeper information, lifestyle hints, and other treatments. You may want to buy some books that you see on the NFA website. There are several books out there, not all are reliable. The NFA may have some that are suggested in their articles. But even the good ones may not have the best solutions for you. Read carefully, and don't just start to do what books or other people say with out careful preparation. Read the entire book before putting any of the suggestions to use.

If you would like to talk further, you may email me through my profile here on Yahoo! Answers.

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