Pink Day 2023 is on Friday, June 23, 2023: Anti-bullying "wear pink" day?

Friday, June 23, 2023 is Pink Day 2023.

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Pink Day

Pink Day encourages everybody to put on at the very least a little bit of pink-- men consisted of! You do not have to dressed up like a princess to enjoy pink-- why not begin by trying pink in moderation, and taking it from there? Go with a pink tshirt, pink socks, probably ... Nevertheless, it's merely for eventually!

Anti-bullying "wear pink" day?

Pink? But isn't pink for Cancer Research? And I thought it was rainbow colours for gays, that's why they have the rainbow flag. I don't understand why your son's school would ask everyone to wear pink, especially since the anti-bullying band and ribbons are blue.

What should I wear for Pink Day?

What should I wear for Pink Day?

Well, wear pink.

Lace is in right now, so are blazers, panelled dresses, shift dresses, cute flats (brogues, loafers, plimsolls) colour blocking is still big, cute girly blouses, and the list goes on.

Just look on websites like New Look and River Island etc. for inspiration and I'm sure you'll find a cute little outfit :)

Edit: You could wear some skinny jeans with a cute blouse (you could probably find a pink one as I've seen the "dusky" pink everywhere) and some cute flats to go with it, a nice shoulder bag (tote/big bags are in) and you can accessorize with big jewel rings, feathered earrings or a statement necklace (if your blouse doesn't have any detailing to show off) as these are in fashion too... Don't go too crazy though :)

What to wear on Pink day?

What to wear on Pink day?

Try wearing the pink shirt with a pair of jeans--maybe skinny jeans because they always make everything cute--or whatever pair you like the most. If you have any pink acessories--for example, pink shoelaces--or something else simple like that add it in. For make up, you could wear soft pink eyeshadow and lipstick to match and pull your hair up in a pink hairtie as well. :)

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