SAT Math Day 2023 is on Friday, June 23, 2023: Sat math? I'm a good math student?

Friday, June 23, 2023 is SAT Math Day 2023. Bell Curves Blog - SAT Tips: The Holy Grail of SAT Math SAT Question of the Day

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Sat math? I’m a good math student?

SAT/PSAT Math is not something you can just jump into, especially if you're not familiar with those types of questions. When I first took SAT Math, it was January in 11th grade, and I scored a 590. I cried my eyes out and decided that even though I'm a beastly math student, I wouldn't let this crush me. So, that summer, I spent 30 minutes a day doing an SAT Math section from a practice book or online. Then, when that summer passed and I retook SAT in the October of the same year, my SAT score went up to a 720. It all takes time and practice and many of the greatest students are crushed by this test because they think it's knowledge-based, when in fact, it's familiarity-based. So PRACTICE PRACTICE PRACTICE and your skills will shine!

SAT math practice?

SAT math practice?

I raised my math SAT score by about 150 points by attending classes at Karen Dillard's (a Texas-based SAT prep course). I'm not exactly sure where you live, but if you can find a similar institution, it will really help your scores (in all three areas). Using a prep book will help you, but the main thing is learning fast ways of approaching different math problems. Most of the time, you know the math, but spend so much time trying to figure out what to do and then actually working out the problem, that you don't get much done. Raising your score 100-200 points it not out of reach. I only studied at Karen Dillard's for 2 months (once a week) and raised my math score from a 580 to a 700. Good luck!

How to improve a 940 reading + math sat score by 260 points in 30 days? Please help me :(?

How to improve a 940 reading + math sat score by 260 points in 30 days? Please help me :(?

First of all, calm down. 30 days is a long time if you devote yourself.

Secondly, you improve it by practice. I would recommend ordering Kaplan's online class for SAT prep. It gives you quizzes that you can customize based on Math, Reading, and Writing and they can be timed or not timed. The point is they can help you practice the questions.

If an online class is inconvenient for you, get Barron's SAT Prep Book or Kaplan or Princeton (or even CollegeBoard SAT but I don't recommend that one as much).

30 days is approximately four weeks. What you should do is do practice problems for 6 days a week, and then test on the seventh day. This means four tests in one month, which is really good.

Focus specifically on math for one week, then on reading, then back on math, then back on reading. This means two weeks of solid prep for math, two weeks of solid prep for reading, and 4 tests, which is good.

Practice as much as you can, but if hypothetically speaking you have to budget your time, at least try to get 3 hours of practice a night before your mock exam.

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