National Piano Month on September, 2024: Could I become a piano teacher?

September, 2024 is National Piano Month 2024.

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Could I become a piano teacher?

Yes, you can teach beginners. I would think $ 35 dollars a month for half hour

Piano Grading for Beginners?

Piano Grading for Beginners?

The exams you are hearing mentioned are based on music teachers' associations. Not every teacher adheres to these competitive environments. Although I joined a national association, I found the competition too fierce, and went inactive. A large part depends on what you want for your daughters. Many teachers simply want to give high instruction with a safe environment for exploration without the constant demand for competition. When you have a student having to constantly worry about the theory grades and various ranks, it rather defeats, in my opinion, the entire point of discovery on the piano.

My students have suffered no loss for not being in a non competitive environment, and if you are satisfied with the teacher otherwise, I'd say look at the girls' progress. Are they happy, stimulated, and moving forward in their understanding on the piano? I have had students sought out by top university professors after hearing my students, and this was with no former competition nor association involvement. It all boils down to the quality of the teacher. I believe too much emphasis is placed on the competition, but that is merely my opinion. My students have not suffered at all. Society at large seems to want that demand, but I do not believe it is beneficial.

September is National Piano Month...What’s your favorite piano piece??

September is National Piano Month...What's your favorite piano piece??

Rhapsody in Blue-Gershwin

Also on this date Sunday, September 1, 2024...