Military Family Appreciation Month on November, 2023: We are going to spend the weekend in Myrtle Beach SC , Anything free for military around there?

November, 2023 is Military Family Appreciation Month 2023. Diversity Military Families Military Family Appreciation

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We are going to spend the weekend in Myrtle Beach SC , Anything free for military around there?

During the month of May there are Myrtle Beach military appreciation days, for active and retired service personnel where you can get discounts on hotels and restaurants. There is also organized parades and free family activities.

Year round, the following hotels in North Myrtle Beach offer discounts to military personnel:

Avista Resort, Prince Resort, Towers at North Myrtle Beach and SeaSide Resort offer 20% off to active or retired military personnel. Call (866) 446-0368

Myrtle Grand Vacations offers 20% off for military personal.(877) 280-8581

Vacation Rentals of North Myrtle Beach offers 25% off any booking for military. (888) 488-8588.

There is also veterans day on November 11th, and extra discounts are available throughout Myrtle Beach.

Many MB restaurants (especially the national chains such as Burger King, Pizza Hut and Wendy's) have year round discounts for military personnel, so it's always worth asking when you visit these places.

Family guy wants to join military i need advice from actual people in the military?

Family guy wants to join military i need advice from actual people in the military?

sounds like my family! we were married for 3 years, had a daughter that was 1&1/2 at the time. had a house and we both worked. my hubbys job as a journeyman kept laying him off due to the business being slow. one day he came home and threw the idea of being in the navy at me. i wasnt happy to say the least. but we talked about it for a few months and i supported him 100%. it just took some information and knowledge on my part to agree with everything. being in the military was something my hubby has always wanted to do, and this was his oppotunity. we've been in the navy now for 3 years. we've gone through 4 deployments all at least 4+ months at a time, schools, etc... the money is not great, i'll be honest with you there. but on the upside, awesome medical coverage under Tricare. Base housing isnt bad. really depends where youre stationed at. we are in texas so where we live is fairly new and nice. you will get BAH, which covers you rent, and utilities. (some places are making you pay for your own electric costs Your wife sounds like she is independant, which is very good. you will be gone a lot, so you know she will be able to take care of things while your gone.

as for schools, they go to regular public or private schools (here anyway).

go to a recruiter and take your test and see what job you can qualify for. take small steps into this, it is a drastic life change, make sure that you know what your doing by asking a ton of questions!!!

overall, we made the right choice by joining. it has only strenthened our marriage and family. we are more happy now than we ever have been. we have an overwhelming respect for one another and appreciation.

sounds like your family would do very well. good luck to you.

My military boyfriend doesn’t appreciate me?

My military boyfriend doesn't appreciate me?

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Also on this date Wednesday, November 1, 2023...
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