Gluten-Free Diet Awareness Month on November, 2024: Free Diet Awareness Month - Gluten free places to eat brunch near 60521?

November, 2024 is Gluten-Free Diet Awareness Month 2024. October is Celiac Awareness Month: Eating Gluten-Free in the South ... Month: Eating Gluten Free

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Gluten free places to eat brunch near 60521?

Check this websites.. I think this can help you

What are some ideas for cupcakes for Autism Awareness?

What are some ideas for cupcakes for Autism Awareness?

I wouldn't worry so much about how you decorate them as much as what you put in them. Many children with autism have restricted diets that keep them from enjoying typical foods. I would make them with the puzzle piece on top, and then make sure that they are gluten-free, dairy-free, and free of artificial colors and sugars. If you advertise them that way, you're sure to get a lot of support from parents who have children with autism and related disorders!

Causes of Chronic Fatigue that are overlooked?

Causes of Chronic Fatigue that are overlooked?

It sounds like you have been dedicated to doing the "right" things.

You should continue to search all sources for answers. Stress is always a factor in our lives - and yours is busy with the children and being with the military life - so keep eating right, exercising and doing destressing things like deep breathing, stretching or yoga.

I have had what was considered a very good diet for years - I taught heath awareness and have practiced "alternative" medicine and psychotherapy with a team for many years. Yet in my thirties I started having the symptoms that you describe. Nothing was coming up on the tests - but even with two hours of meditation daily, hiking, a diet with greens and good things - a career I loved I was getting worse and worse, My husband is a doctor - no one could figure it out! Eventually I found that I had Celiac Disease - only in the form that is called "silent celiac" - the whole grains were actually causing an auto-immune response in my body. Within a few weeks of a gluten free diet - many of my symptoms started to abate and within six months I had full energy return of my twenties and early thirties - at fifty four I walk 10 kilometers daily and practice full time. All aches, pains, tiredness, fatigue, foggy thinking, etc are gone

Many doctors still don't recognize Celiac or Gluten Sensitivity unless your body is wasting away. And it certainly can be a challenge to maintain freedom from wheat, rye, barley, oats (for some people) - especially as wheat and its derivatives are often in many packaged foods. It is also hard when you have children - although many peole find that if they have a gluten intolerance then their children do too. It is worth it, though, if you try the diet and find that it helps alleviate all these years of symptoms for you and you get your energy back.

You can try to look for information on and google Celiac and Gluten Sensitivity.

Of course, this may not be what is going on for you - but please don't rule it out. Many feel that PMS and other female fertility disorders are going to have a Wheat or gluten sensitivity link.

Good Luck with finding your road to recovery!l

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