Knights of Columbus Family Week on August, 2024: Where to get help with Christmas in Northern KY?

Knights of Columbus Family Week 2024. Harvard Daughters of Isabella: Circle Activities This week of spiritual,

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Where to get help with Christmas in Northern KY?

It sounds as though your family is one of those conscientious, caring families that everyone is happy to have for neighbors. I hope this year, your "neighbors" will be there for *you.*

The first place I'd call is the Salvation Army. They have been dealing with families that need just an extra bit of help at Christmas for decades. Your local contact is phone (859) 261-0835 or email Captain Heather Holt at . They can tell you over the phone what their requirement is for your family to receive help. If they require that you be on public assistance to receive help, you may have to look further, so if they say they can't help you, ask who they recommend that can help.

Talk to the pastor at your church and ask if the church has a program that you'd fit into. I know my church's Care Commission helped me out last year with a specific need, during a time of crisis, and I'd feel comfortable asking for help at church if I needed it. For that matter, if your church has a knitting group that knits hats, scarves, mittens, and other items for specific programs, they might be delighted to supply members of the church family with warm accessories.

Also, you might think about shopping in thrift shops in your area. My family shops in thrift shops--Salvation Army, Good Will, Knights of Columbus (4 times a year), and others run by local charities such as the domestic violence shelter--and we have gotten some really good deals on barely used items such as board games, craft supplies, and toys.

By the way, Christmas *is* about gifts. God gave us the greatest gift by sending his son to teach us how to live and to give us grace, not because we earned it but because he wants us to have it. We give gifts to each other and to strangers, expecting nothing in return, because that's what a GIFT *is*. On Christmas, the day we celebrate God's gift to the world, we should think about what giving a gift really means, both for the giver and the receiver.

I hope you find your "dream job" soon. Meanwhile, have you thought about volunteering several hours a week or month to the Legal Aid organization? Their web site is . In volunteering, you would get actual current experience working with family law cases, and the organization would be able to give you a letter of recommendation for a job prospect. You may also develop contacts who could help you find openings you're qualified for--at least you'd be networking in the field, and that's where most job openings are likely to find you: through your network of contacts.

how do i convert to Catholicism?

how do i convert to Catholicism?

As a Catholic, who's wife is Baptist....

FIRST.. congradulations and I wish you and your family many blessings! Making a change like this is a great sacrifice for your family, but is also being a true leader and helping your family to be ONE.


I'd HIGHLY suggest that your wife go to confession, to reconcile back to God after not practicing for 6 years. It will get everything off her chest and allow her to be in fully communion with the body of Christ.

Maybe she has done this already..I don't know.

The Advent Season before Christmas is a perfect time, as many Church's have Penance Services and extended confession hours.


As for you...

Rite of Catholic Initiation for Adults or RCIA is the "classes" you are referring to.

They typically run from Sept. to Easter, in the evenings, 1 hour, once a week.

RCIA educates you about the faith and takes you through the Sacraments as a class. On or around Easter Mass, the class will take communion and become Confirmed Catholics.

Because the classes are ran by volunteers, some are more educational then others. I hope you land in a good one.

You do not have to contact a Priest to tell him you want to convert. A simple call to the main Parish office to inquire about RCIA programs, is all that is required.

There shouldn't be any cost.. if there is.. it simply covers any books or materials.. maybe $25 MAX, but most parishes it is free.

You do need a Catholic "sponsor" someone who knows about the faith and can answer your questions. I don't know how well versed your wife is in theology and the catechism of the Catholic church... you may want to choose a family member.

As for starting at one church and finishing at another? -- Hmm.. I don't see why NOT, it is the same faith... However, logically.. since each program is ran slightly differently, since it is ran by volunteers...switching probably isn't in your best interest. Switching mid-course may mean the 2 classes are at different spots in the process. So you may miss some important things if 1 class hadn't covered a topic and another had already.

So for that reason, it is probably frowned upon, but I sure something could be worked out if that is the only way you can join.


As for Charity and Volunteering!

Well have you come to the right place. The Catholic church is the world's largest non-governmental provider of Healthcare, Education and Relief Aid -- seriously.

So you name it, the Church probably has been doing it for centuries.

This means that if ministry or charity is your thing... you can find all sorts of ways to give back to the community

I'd be VERY surprised if there was NOT a Pregnancy Support group to give women an alternative to abortions. A food or soup kitchen, a drug rehab program, visiting the sick, helping the homeless, volunteering at schools, etc. at your local Parish.

The Knights of Columbus are an organization that dates back to medieval times, to help widows and the poor. They do a lot of Charity work as well as fund some missionaries to other countries.


IF you have any specific questions about the faith, which you can't find answers to online.. feel free to send me a message and I'll do my best to help answer it.

God Bless and Merry Christmas!

I need some low budget ideas for a birthday party for my 13 year old son for middle October.?

I need some low budget ideas for a birthday party for my 13 year old son for middle October.?

Why not have an early Halloween costume party. Kids love to dress up. Also, go to one of the pizza places and explain your situation. Ask if they would donate a free pizza for each one you order. I have learned that people are nice and willing to be helpful if you ask. You could also offer to go back a few months later, when you are back on your feet, to give them some money then, or that you would be willing to contribute to a pizza party for someone in need of the same assistance. Businesses know that this is a hard time. They don't want to see children hurt for lack of money/paycheck.

You could also ask a merchant if they could donate a gift card for your son. People can look through your eyes and into your soul and determine if you are lying or a hurting father. Also, you could call your local radio station and ask if they have any promo gifts that they wouldn't mind donating.

Another idea, with the same principal, check out the bowling alley or any other type of entertainment arena, paint ball, ice skating/roller skating.

I just had another idea. If you don't live in a Big Main City, I am sure there is a local band who would love to "practice" and play for your son. They get to play, your guests get to dance, and your son has a cool party. If your place isn't big enough, check out the American Legion, Knights of Columbus, Church hall, someone's barn. Again, explain your situation and ask if they would donate the hall. You and your family or guests could clean-up. Maybe they would donate a gift. Make friends!

You will hear ideas and probably be able to take some of the ideas and create a wonderful party. Good luck. I know first hand about not having money for birthday celebrations. Been there, done that. As a result of my dad being unemployed during my birthdays from 9 years old to 21, which was not celebrated, I always stock-piled presents for any occasions. Maybe I should change that. I used to have two tall shelving units filled with gifts. My daughter picked out 3 gifts each for the families that she worked with in the Peace Corps, and unloaded almost one shelving unit for the families when we visited them a few years ago. I am curtailing my shopping now. But, I do have gifts. And, I buy me my nicest presents!

Have a wonderful Birthday Party for your son! You can do it Dad.

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